Building phase & sample diet plan explained – muscle building

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Explaining the crucial factors of the building phase and providing sample diet plans.

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Happy training! Cheers…
Gert Louw


Michael Pelton says:

Thank you very much for the info. I am just starting out with all this,
but, your vids seem to be by far the most informative that I’ve found so
far. Thanks again and I’ll let you know how it works for me. Keep ’em
coming! ~Michael

yep says:

Very detailed and logical. But heres the conundrum. I am not at 8% but may
18%. Now what do i do. Eat 6times and just keep the fat. Having said that i
have increased my lifting capacity increasing carbs.

Kent Bollström says:

Would like to see more workout videos Where you explain the movement of the
exrecise and what to think of .

Gert Louw says:

Explaining the crucial factors of the muscle building phase and providing
sample diet plans.

pantzosk says:

Hi Gert hope you’re doing good mate i would like to ask you can you give
me a weekly diet plan i wanna cut a little bit while still working out hard
for muscle gaining but this month i want to eat light well reduce the
calories.Thnx Bud!

Tom Brooks says:

Gert… here is the issue I am having. I don’t think I will will ever want
to go below 8% bf. Matter of fact I would like to reach 10% and access how
I feel and if I want to change things after that. But lets say I’m happy
staying forever at 10% bf.

I cut from 23% to 14% bf in about 3 months over this summer but I got so
stressed out that I needed a break and decided to bulk, but my diet got out
of control again and I’m all the way up towards 17%+ in less than a month.
Should I stick out the entire 3 months no matter how high my bf goes before
cutting again or should I abandon my bulk and start cutting again soon?
Keep in mind my goal is to not go below 10%.

kevbo7s says:

Hi G, Im 45 and started lifting/eating seriously for 6mo now. I was doing
split programs but noticed I wasn’t doing enough compound excises, and am
hearing more and more that beginners or intermediate lifters should be
doing full body workouts. So I just started the 5×5 strong lift program to
increase my overall strength. I’m 6′ 204lb. I was 194lb 6mo ago. I’ve been
eating clean so I can’t imagine I put on fat…? I had a body scan 4mo ago
and came in at 27bmi. I want to get muscular. But should I be doing cardio
to lower my BMI or should I just keep doing what Im doing to build mass,
and cut later?

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