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Video Rating: 4 / 5


PlayerKingNBK says:

isn´t it hard work to comment a video, log out. log in with an other
account like the comment log out, log in , like ,log out ,log in ,like

brandon bourgoin says:

your always keeping it real. Love watching all your videos. Havent seen a
bad one yet. Keep up the good work brotha

Eddy Osei says:

Yes Chris Jones goes heavy and goes into surplus to ensure maximum muscle
growth but its clear to see how ‘fat’ he gets. Then he cuts down and loses
muscle and strength anyways whats the point? He would pretty much get the
same results if he aimed to put on muscle gradually.

Joshua Immordino says:

actually a town in fl… not a whole lot of gains made there though

Fruitarian Zombie says:

Ur face is ugly no offense gotta be really good looking and have a nice
body to get far my friend is shredded and has an ugly face hes gotten
turned down for stuff 

paul mangru says:

Of course you can lean/clean bulk. Here is the lesson. THERE ARE 600
calories in a pound of MUSCLE. If you are eating even 200 over maintain
acne you can gain a pound a week easily any more fatville awaits.

Fruitarian Zombie says:

U mad bro 

nico3641 says:

Through hydrostatic fat % tests, over 12 months I only gain about half of
lbs of lean body mass, so bulking at 1lb per month would be a good rate
for me.

nicholas berg says:

haha this guy is a joke i can’t even listen to him

Gabriel Oben says:

Probably one of the, if not the best, fitness channels on youtube. Keep up
the good work.

Heňo Nguyễn says:

I see ALL KINDZ OF GAAAAIIIINNNZ .. keep it up! ;)

CrazySouthBayKingz says:

Hahaha thumbs dwn bro u suck

PoisonDreamz says:

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paul mangru says:

He sure doesn’t look 200. HOW TALL IS HE? Frank Zane was 190 in his Olympia
heyday. Who looks better built him or this guy? Very strange. Stallone too
was only 180 in RAMBO 2 and looks a lot more built than this guy.

Pawul says:

no such thing as lean bulk 

Yarnscreation says:

I dunno but his body is rockin

Dénis Vitorino says:

take my like kind sir !

Isaiah says:

What excerises should I do bro can you text me with all info and how many

WarcraftAzraman says:

Yeah if you bulk heavy you will gain muscle slightly faster but when you
cut as it is, the longer you cut the more muscle you’re going to lose
overall so you really don’t gain any more than the guy going slower, as you
said, slow and steady wins the race. Great video, aim for about 1-2lb per
month 0.5 a week is a great number to go for especially as a noobie.

Shaun T says:

Awesome vid thank u very much!

UKVATO says:

Do you have cheat meal , if so how many in a week ? Is once a week ok ? 

SuperSayanFitness says:

omg people chill . its his experience on the camera .BUT YES IF YOU GAIN AS
TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF STRENGTH (thats my experience you will not agree to
that either) , try to figure what is better for you , for your lifestyle 

alzaeem435 says:

I never thought you were above 170 tbh , Amazing!

Michael Kory says:

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