Cardio, Abs & Butt Workout – Fitness Blender’s Red Light Green Light Workout

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50ft 2inches

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Battle Rope Exercise. Great piece of equipment that I suggest you get into your workout regimen ASAP. If your personal gym does not have any, keep bothering the owner of manager to purchase one until the do. You can also purchase you own for self use. Great for improvement of Athletic Training, Fat Loss, Core Training, Muscular and Cardiovascular Endurance.


gladys bernal says:

Does this have a specific weight and length that it has to be 

Daniel Cafferata says:

Awesome! Thank you, good sir!

CaptainHerbal Fit says:


Courtney Lee says:

Great options! Thanks for sharing!

Allan Dubon says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

G Soto says:


Deandre Davis says:

How many days a week would you suggest.

MrMrmusashi says:

Great motivator for slackers, just need some ample space and your good to
go. I have a 40ft. From Amazon for about $70 plus free shipping no
complaints and so far so good. Thanks for the video.

Xavier Lozinguez says:

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

tazmaniandevil21 says:

Thanks for sharing!

TuKaha1 says:

Love this! Mean!

RoadrunnerMZ says:

I like the mixture of creativity and enthusiasm.

TheHilikus89 says:

I’mma have to get me some of these

Andy Santiago says:

What’s the name of that beat?

coco neon says:

hello friend can you tell me that your rope is as long and thick

matrix1240 says:

I’ve noticed that often I have trouble going to sleep if I hadn’t exercised
(even if it’s on an off-day). Could you use them everyday? I thought I
heard either you or someone else say that in a battling ropes video. Thanks
in advance for your time!

Hikerdualer says:

Omg my knee hurt so much.

Thato Gracie says:

Dis workout is Awesome 🙂 :)

Noor Hanan Abdul Majid says:
Monika Marinović says:

Morning cardio-done. Now it’s time for a nice,relaxing cool down and then
breakfast. This is definitely one of my favorite FB workouts,love it so

Zara Ubaldo says:

BEST FITNESS VIDEOS EVER. I love them, they Totally work. Thanks a lot!

Ana .Rita says:

I totally got frustrated with those push-ups…cause I suck at them!! 🙁 I
need serious arm strenght!

Juliana Ferreira says:

I miss Green Light and Red Light videos. .. thiss is amazing 

Zap Eck says:

Lets do it ! 

Rachel Ostrawski says:

I love your excises, but this one is too much for my fatass. See you once I
slim down.

EDIT: See you here. I’ll be sure to do some others.

Breezy Ez says:

Good workout! Just completed it.. and it feels good bruhh ;3

Dynoblite says:

11:50 r.i.p my legs

Vivazee says:

kicked my butt! sweating like I am in a sauna.

Alyssa Ramos says:

Such an intense workout… I really feel the burn with this one

mara smithson says:

Oh my gosh,
my face turned blue while she smiled this workout away!!

Cinthya Fenske-Arrieta says:

Back on track today! total body and leg day 😀 feeling good 

Summer Mitchell says:

HELP PLS : For the oblique dips, am I suppose to feel a tense and
tightening feeling in the side of hip I’m dipping my body towards the
ground with?

fawk cku says:

comments are not bsing. this workout was deadly. more intense than
insanity. I love it.

Cristina Basile says:

Hooray for that satisfying “afterburn” lol

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