Cardio – What to where and why! Lose Weight! Burn Fat nor muscle.

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carlos hernandez says:

I loved this idea is fantastic I just did and work perfect and combine with

Sizzling Zombie says:


carlos hernandez says:

today 4/1/14 195lb i will give my results in mont

Marcus St Marcus says:

Hey Guys, Sorry I suck at replying. I always try to reply when I see a
notification and approve the comments. I have been sticking to this and
have been seeing results while using Cellucor HD Fatburner. Im not paid by
them to say this. But it helps me cut the excess weight. Keep it up. You
can also do early morning fasted cardios for about 30 min. This helps. How
are your progresses coming along?@carlos hernandez Im looking forward to
seeing good things!@atila varga hows it coming along?@victor sanchez you
are on point sir!

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