Chicago Fat Loss is the Goal of One Renegade Boot Camp Trainer

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(PRWEB) April 12, 2012

Craig Kastning, an owner at Chi-Town Boot Camps has developed a program to help clients reduce fat, tone muscles and condition for overall health. By following Craigs customized eating shortcuts and tips clients at Chicago fat loss boot camps, Chi-Town Boot Camps, are guaranteed to reach their fat loss goals. Programs are developed step by step and fully individualized by the trainers at Chi-Town. Nutrition plans formulated by Chicago fat loss trainers do not include packaged meals, starvation diets, pills or fads. Craig and his staff of personal trainers claim to eat the same foods and use the same boot camp programs as their clients.

Brian Pinon of Elgin, Illinois states, I cant thank the Chi-Town boot camps team enough. When I first met Jamie, Dustin and Craig, I was tired I was tired of eating wrong, I was tired of trying fad diets, and most importantly, I was tired of being overweight. Brian and Craig sat down together and Craig developed a plan of exercise and nutrition specifically for Brian. There are no generalized workout plans or cookie-cutter diets; everything is personalized.Brian further states, After I started going to Chi-Town, Im now 55 pounds lighter (and counting), stronger, and more energetic than Ive been in my life! They really know what theyre doing, and if you let them, they can change your life too.

Chi-Town personal trainers and Chicago fat loss programs claim that losing fat is a mathematical process. Craig Kastning at Chi-Townemphasizes toclients that adding more exercises and healthy foods to fat loss programs is the best way to achieve fat loss. Craig highlights that eating familiar foods from the local grocery store can help in fat loss goals. He urges, Use mathematical skills and begin to subtract those foods that cause fat. Minus white carbs, continue to eat the good foods that are already a part of each clients daily intake and subtract greasy fatty foods. Yes, stay away from fast foods. Subtracting sugar drinks from personalized diets and avoiding diet sodas has been proven to help with weight loss and stop fat production.

In addition to subtracting fat-producing foods from diets, Chi-Town and Chicago boot camp clients have been asked to shop in the vegetable aisle of local grocery stores to find the best weight loss foods. Craig, Jamie and Dustin underline that clients must add greens to personalized diets. It has been scientifically proven that the more greens eaten, the less likely fatty carbs will be a part of diets, and fat loss programs will be successful, Chi-Town trainers.

To summarize, Craig Kastning underscores that Chi-Town and Chicago fat loss systems are not designed to starve you. Dont worry; we dont believe in fad diets, packaged meals or starvation diets. We like to eat just like you do. Craig urges clients to use their math skills and subtract all fat causing foods from their diet. Chi-Town personal trainers will give you a personalized diet cheat sheet that lists healthy foods.

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