Chicago Personal Trainer Promises that Clients Will Lose Weight and Inches at Chi-Town Boot Camps

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(PRWEB) March 21, 2012

Craig Kastning part of the Chicago based, Chi-Town Boot Camps is also a personal trainer at the camp. Craig and the other Chicago trainers use conventional training and exercise in combination with nutrition based on readily-available foods to help clients reach fitness goals. Every fitness program is designed specifically to a clients needs and programs are designed to offer technical advice along with passion, encouragement, and good fun.

Conventional workouts incorporate core solidity; strength training and workouts from week to week are different and unique. Originality and personalization provide phenomenal results. Each Chicago trainer at Chi-Town is professional, experienced and very willing to share their expert knowledge with clients. Chi-Town trainers also use personal motivation techniques to help clients reach fitness goals. Every workout is designed to be a path toward healthy living.

Clients have stressed that working with a Chicago personal trainer at Chi-Town Boot Camps is not easy. The amount of work required to reach your goals can be brutal, but clients go back week after week knowing that they are being taught and trained for life. Clients are shown ways to eat properly, avoid fad diets and pills, and regulars soon realize that nutrition is essential to weight loss success.

As each client is supported and taught by Chi-Town trainers, Craig, Jamie and Dustin, they learn information about themselves and their body maintenance that is invaluable. They learn how to be challenged, succeed, motivated and educated. Trainers take personal pride in the success of their clients and as a result customers return week after week to take part in stimulating workouts. Students and participants in Chi-Towns boot camp programs rave about getting back their health, feeling great and realizing that they need to take time out for themselves. It has been expressed by many Chi-Town clients that their Chicago personal trainer have brought back their lives.

Chi-Town Boot Camps is designed to show those clients who generally go to corporate gyms how to work out in a fun and passionate environment; and see weight loss success. One client relates how her exercise program in a corporate gym was to just ride a bike, but she never advanced, and eventually became frustrated with her exercise plan. When she enlisted the services of Chicago trainer, Craig Kastning, she learned to be challenged in an atmosphere of individual progress. As a result her body fat went from 28% to 14% and she realized gains in strength and energy. She now looks forward to working out.

You do need to realize that during your first week of training, you will be sore after using muscles not normally used. The second week your body will be tighter, and after three weeks of training you can feel a difference in how your clothes fit and how your body moves. Your reward for this hard work is having friends and family commenting on the new you.

To get your life back and work with a Chicago trainer at Chi-Town Boot Camps, use the following information:

Chi Town Book Camps

853 W. Belmont Avenue

Lakeview, Chicago, IL 60657

(630) 560-4500


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