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Diet Tips : How to Give Up Coffee on Black coffee Diet Drinking too much coffee can have negative effects on adrenal glands because it artificially raises ad…

It’s true that hiking and walking her dogs play a role in Biel’s active lifestyle, but the actress also puts in three to five days a week at the gym. (http:/…


Anna Sone says:

i want a body like Jessica Jung T____T

Fiery RainySkye says:

Interesting comment. But the trainer does also say to change things up. Jess gets her arms from doing various workouts and activities. The trainer may not have mentioned the weightlifting but im sure that doesnt mean Jess doesnt do it. She does many things to maintain that figure,that would probably make a normal person pass out,lol.

MustNotRead says:

I want a body like my own….wait a minute….i already have a body like my own! It would be a bit freaky having someone else’s body anyway…much better to have my own.

bee nsez says:

jessica biel is soooooo hot. + she got a very beautiful face… love her 🙂

Rayva Wonder says:

So now we all know her secret. I agree.

chauhpham says:

damn ..jessica biel has hot body …any woman would love to have a body like hers …unless you think fat is beautiful … danm she has a killer body …

Marcos Moreno Martínez says:

es una hermosura esta mujer

davidpolymath says:

Jessica Beil is a perfect organism.

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