CORE Exercises Are So Crucial; Portland Personal Trainer Kisar Dhillon Suggests Doing Functional Exercises

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Portland, OR (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

On television the mom is was always telling their daughter, keep that stomach in tight, pull those shoulders back and stand up tall. The same is true when the personal trainer is telling their clients to keep their core tight. Even though this sounds tedious and repetitious, it makes perfect sense. The mom was basically telling her child to practice good posture, keep that core tight and remind the body everyday by standing up straight and tall.

Sometimes this can be challenging, but every person should make it a habit to always be thinking about it, even when doing normal everyday functional exercises. Since the body can move in various planes of motion, sometimes just mimicking those movements can be an excellent workout. Just repeat that specific movement for a certain number of repetitions. For example, practice picking up those shoes on the floor, but rather than keeping the legs straight and bending over, try using the legs and knees as the lowering mechanism. This will help alleviate any unnecessary stress on the lower back so it does not have to work as hard. If a person was to pick up the same shoe ten times in a row with both left and right hands, this could be an excellent workout for the legs. One of the best things any person can do is contact a Portland personal trainer or local fitness expert to elaborate and learn other types of movement that can be practiced in the gym or at home.

The CORE muscles all innervate with one another and are used for strength, power, balance and protecting the body when doing certain movements. A lot of injuries could be prevented if an individuals stability and core muscles were strong. When a person gets older their balance may start to diminish, but only if they are not active. That is why walking, playing active sports like tennis, golf, hiking, etc. are all great activities to keep the body moving in all directions. Basic movements like balancing one leg for certain period of time is great to keep the small stabilizers strong, but also to activate the core or trunk muscles in the body.


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