Crossbar Challenge Exercise – Improve Precision

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If you want to practice precision with your strikes, you’ll need to kick the ball very often to master your kicking skills over time.

A good way to do that is to aim at the corners of the net. The more you get comfortable at shooting the ball into the sides of a net, the more precision you’ll acquire both in a close or far range.

Once you get comfortable at aiming the sides of the net, there are additional ways to increase the precision of your strikes a notch.

You could for example, do a crossbar challenge.

The objective of this soccer challenge is to hit the crossbar from a far distance. You’ll need a bunch of soccer balls to make this drill easier.

In this video clip, we placed 5 balls away from the net and we had a soccer player trying to hit the cross bar with all 5 chances.

You’ll see that he did quite well 😉

Now, getting all the balls to hit the crossbar will certainly be a difficult task. However, it’s not impossible.

Practice it next time you’re on the field and you’ll without a doubt improve your soccer kicks.

To your success!

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