Cruise Control Diet: Review of James Wards Fat Loss Program Released

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 26, 2014

The Cruise Control Diet – a recently released diet program created by James Ward – has been generating a great deal of media attention lately for helping thousands of users lose weight and get into shape by following a safe and all-natural approach. The buzz surrounding The Cruise Control Diet has drawn the attention of’s Will DeMarco, prompting him to conduct an investigative review for his readers.

“Surprisingly, one of the major challenges people have with weight loss, is not the initial weight loss, but it’s keeping the weight off that’s the problem,” says DeMarco. “Unfortunately, most people simply regain the weight they’ve lost because they fail to focus on overall health and instead focus only on short term results. ‘The Cruise Control Diet,’ is designed to ensure that users do not put the weight back on by utilizing an approach that emphasizes the importance of all-natural foods and recipes that kick-start the metabolism into high gear. Not only is this approach designed to ensure a more effective weight loss program, but it’s also designed to improve users’ overall health and well being. As a proponent of all-natural health remedies, I was eager to review Cruise Control Diet for my readers.”

The Cruise Control Diet is available online in ebook format, allowing customers instant access to Ward’s training. The program contains information and recipes to improve health, boost metabolic rates, and lose weight with little or no effort. It’s centered on four main concepts or “rules.” The first two rules are interrelated—(1) use only all-natural foods and (2) stay away from processed foods. The last two rules are also related—(3) allow for guilty pleasures and (4) stay away from calorie counting. In short, the entire program is geared towards improving overall health, rather than merely taking a shortsighted approach to weight loss.

The Cruise Control Diet focuses on increasing one’s metabolic rate, and is designed to make sure that the user can lose weight without the need to exercise all the time. This is crucial for those folks who simply don’t have enough time to go to the gym on a consistent basis.

“In the end, we were highly impressed with James Ward’s Cruise Control Diet,” reports DeMarco. “His approach to weight loss not only helps the user lose weight in a safe, all-natural way, but it also improves overall health, which in turn, ensures the unwanted pounds won’t be coming back any time soon.”

To purchase The Cruise Control Diet, or for more information, click here. provides visitors with the latest news and articles on natural health, fitness and beauty, including reviews of holistic treatment and natural beauty products. Will DeMarco’s Cruise Control Diet review is available here:


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