Cutting Calories or Increasing Cardio While Dieting

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Aaron Lin says:

Hey man, how much cardio should i be doing? lmao

BigBack Jack says:

cardio does not burn off your gains, and the hodge twins never said that.

Nici Geelhoed says:

I hate running, Is hiit ok?

joe ro says:

marc the beast

Aaron Kay says:

“limit your broccoli” eating disorder alert lol

Victor Jimenez says:

I’m 12% body fat and been bulking for more than a year. Should I continue
like to go until I’m closer to a higher bodyfat or do a cut. Then bulk
again. I’ll appreciate if you reply back and thanks for your video tips.
They are extremely helpful.

Kenny Ratatsidis says:

your videos are fairly entertaining man ! very funny, keep em coming 

logicalThinker1000 says:

No offence but YOU need to hire a coach that can help you get a bigger neck
because it drives me crazy!! 

Steve Jellaman says:

This is pretty much why I don’t or never email guys like them. I know for a
fact they aren’t gonna answer my messsages so I would rather just research
myself and figure it out on my own. People are probably gonna read this and
just ignore it. Lol, well I am just gonna say, YOU AREN’T GONNA GET A REPLY

Spice Lean says:

that white dog in the background is doing cardio!

King Pin says:

Stop trying to act black. You just sound and act like a dick.

Cranberry Muffinman says:

4:20 ahaha Stupid shit like Cancer, “Don’t you know im trying to get
shredded brah” lmao

tissetass96 says:

lets say im cutting on 2500 calories, and on cardio days i burn 300
calories. must i add 300 calories on cardio days then, so i get 2800
calories for that day? or should i still eat 2500 that day. pls help

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