Day in the Life: Flexible Dieting Grocery Shopping

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Day in the Life: Flexible Dieting Grocery Shopping

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


SilentSoldier69 says:

When you come visit Canada don’t forget your winter jacket

sscustoms100 . says:

is your gf pregnant?

Jordan Gibson says:

Dipping rice cakes in greek yogurt on the dayLEE

Travis S says:

Don’t know why they care if you record in there. Good video man. 

TheTSRush says:

Wegmans is awesome…have them in Jersey and Massachusetts. 

Ryan Burnham says:

Can’t you only shop at Aldi if you use food stamps?

jbrown259237 says:

I love this video, thank you for sharing your life with us. More
importantly, you guys are a cute couple & your definitely ready to be a
father Kyle.

Darik Patterson says:

You should of gotten the multi colored bell peppers…unsubbed. haha jk

Andrew Hill says:

I’m not sure why, but I actually enjoyed watching you pick up groceries,

Ready2LookGreat says:

.. definitely stop by Aldi’s here and there.. $20 goes a lot further

Andrew Taylor says:

What can you use to replace pop tarts? They hurts my teeth with all the
sugar on those things 

AverageAesthetics says:

Lol at how selfish this guy is, try compromising with your girlfriend bro

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