Dear life Japan: Dieting & Skin Bleaching

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Answering as many questions as I can before we say goodbye to dear life in July. So PLEASE SEND ME ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE we only have two moths left everyone
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keke555788 says:

shes not bashing at all she loves japan shes taught there and of course everyone has their own opinion.japan is awesome the culture is phenomenal BUT it has its down sides.japan not perfect neither is any country.

JamesBuddYatFB says:

Tell me more im thinking of moving to get my master tell me what to look out for

NikoruAiCutie23 says:

aww dont feel bad about yourselfyour beautiful and nice and dont let ppl be rude to you KICK THEIR BUTTS TO THE GROUND MUAHAHA lol xD

AadalenMassakren says:

You’re the one using the word “jap”

intro2the1 says:

really!!! I swear In the years i’ve had this channel that has been said 1000 times lol I still dont see it.

intro2the1 says:

yup. lol happened all the time. sometimes positively and sometimes negatively.

intro2the1 says:

But where does the obsession come from? You can’t just learn “you are beautiful” on your own. The brain doesn’t work like that. It’s the society that sets the standards of beauty and nurture the the “unattainable”

intro2the1 says:

yup but I’m back and I promise to upload more videos soon.

TheSunIsBlack says:

she is very attractive normal balenced figure japanese people are much conformist. This does not apply to this pretty girl,fat not

TheSunIsBlack says:

cartoons vs reality

indigoandbluetoo1 says:

I’m mixed race, and I have very wide hips, so I feel pretty nervous about going to Japan because I know I’m insecure, and I don’t think I can hold up to that kind of pressure. I’ve been learning Japanese for a year and I’m really interested in learning more about the culture and becoming fluent. However, I used to have an eating disorder and I’m afraid I’ll succumb to that kind of thing again if I were to go there. I’m pretty sensitive to what others think.

intro2the1 says:

If I were you, I wouldn’t go there to live, maybe to visit. I know for a fact that foreign people are not held to the same beauty standards. However, if you are sensitive to these kinds of subjects it may not be the best place for you.

mooncooninc83 says:

“Japanese may sometimes be crazy, but they are not known to be great liars”


Based on my own personal experience of living here in Japan and being married to a Japanese woman, I can honestly say that Japanese culture is largely based on NOT saying what you really mean. Which, means that one ultimately LIES a lot in order to not upset the status quo.

dinglebarry007 says:

I love wide hips. You should love yourself, because the majority of guys are much more attracted to girls that have wide hips and have color . Mixed race women are very beautiful and I’m much rather be with a girl that who has natural beauty with a healthy weight, anything under 120lbs is very unattractive unless the girl is also only 5 feet tall, Healthy girls are supposed to have curves and broad hips, and big butts/or breasts with proportionally big thighs to match,not runway model sickness

dinglebarry007 says:

You are soooooo beautiful…. to me 🙂

idontplayeveryday says:

i dont see how it’s bad to be straight forward

kurarisusa says:

I would agree. Not to call Japanese liars, but they definitely value being courteous and keeping the peace over telling the truth. They will fib constantly in order to achieve this. Sometimes it causes problems because you walk around not knowing what the truth is.

mooncooninc83 says:

Forgive me if I come across as being needlessly combatative, but I really don’t care about the courteous reasons why Japanese ppl “fib” (i.e. LIE). The end result is they’re NOT being truthful and are thus LYING. And many of the times, they’re not lying to be courteous. They’re lying to avoid telling a truth that would make them feel comfortable.

manatca says:

I love your response to your students at the end of the video. I envy your self-confidence and poise! Good job on keeping your head on straight in a culture that can be very disorientating and alienating (to put it nicely) at times.

fruitymacho says:

sorry but no she should lvoe herself because hse’s beautiful, not because ‘the majority of guys are much more attracted’ to curvy girls or girls with color… women shouldn’t validate themselves by what men think, that’s disgusting.
also your comment on what counts as ‘healthy’? what bullshit.
some women may be perfectly healthy & gorgeous and not have curves at the same time whilst some women may be extra curvy and healthy. all this shit about ‘proportions’… maaaaan… jeezus… NO!!

fruitymacho says:

*love herself

Baisers11 says:

if you dont speake japanes how do the teachers teach, is it in english or do tranfer strudents have a special class.

patsybob says:

I remember reading an article that claimed Japanese women are now eating less calories than they did during WW2 and Japan generally has a low calorie intake in terms of per capita amount. I believe Japan finds pale skin as attractive and its also cultural as its similar to Geisha makeup where the face is completely white. In the West, white people (particular women) find tanning their skin through sunbeds or fake bottled tan to make their skin darker is a sign of beauty.

lexxlightyear says:

i’ve met plenty of men and women here in ca from japan and they looooovvveee my looks.
i’m short, widehipped, curly curly hair (one man even got a PERM to attempt to have his hair like mine), and i tan super easy. i’m mixed raced as well and japanese men i’ve met think it’s beautiful because it’s different and i’m “not too skinny”. i think it’s just a matter of who you meet.

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