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FITNESS MADE SIMPLE BOOK & DVDs: FitnessMadeSimple.com Please SUBSCRIBE to http & SHARE this video on YouTube, Twitter & Facebook. Thanks! DIABETES DIET TIPS & BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL : Get Fit Friday #9 FIT NOW with BASEDOW: In this episode, I give some tips for managing diabetes and controlling blood sugar. Plus…I’m in a movie and STEW CREW Star Of The Show! FIT NOW with BASEDOW is a web series featuring fitness, health, wellness, exercise and nutrition tips to help people achieve their goals. Watch FIT NOW with BASEDOW to take control of your body and life! Watch the trailer for Purification here: Purification-TheMovie.com GET A NEW MEDIA STEW SHIRT! http DistrictLines.com FIND ME HERE: IMDb: IMDb.me Order DVDs & Books: FitnessMadeSimple.com Twitter Twitter.com Facebook: Facebook.com Google Plus: gplus.to PLAYLISTS! MOTIVATIONAL: bit.ly CELEBRITY NEWS: bit.ly WTF REPORTS: bit.ly MOVIE REVIEWS: bit.ly FITNESS, HEALTH & WELLNESS: bit.ly & bit.ly COMEDY SKETCHES & MUSIC VIDEOS: bit.ly ASK JB: bit.ly ASK JOHN & GRACE: bit.ly Special Appearances By: Grace Helbig (aka DailyGrace): YouTube.com Justine Ezarik (aka iJustine): YouTube.com Special Thanks to: Martin Arvebro (YouTube.com – Fit Tip Intro Patrick Owen (YouTube.com – Background Tracks DIABETES DIET TIPS & BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL DIABETES MANAGEMENT & BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL


radcastrodotcom says:

Yes! Fitness Made Simple is back baby!

DianaH18 says:

That’s a very good idea-FIT MEALS!

DianaH18 says:

Question: Is your Fitness Made Simple DVD for beginners too?

JohnBasedow1 says:

Yes, the Fitness Made Simple Book/DVD combo is great for beginners because it lays everything out & eliminates all the guesswork. You get a complete workout & nutrition plan. Check it out on FitnessMadeSimple-dot-com. 🙂

JohnBasedow1 says:

It never left. Commercials, however, are back nationally on E!, MTV & VH1 but all this web stuff I’m doing is totally new. 🙂

JohnBasedow1 says:

Should be coming soon. Tx D 🙂

ChainGangPictures says:

Great stuff!

JohnBasedow1 says:

Thanks. Hope the tips help.

rocknlemon says:


rocknlemon says:

fat good for diabetes? god…

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catherine white says:

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Tennie Baecker says:

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