Diet Doc Announces Affordable Medical hCG Weight Loss Diet Plan that Gives Considerable Results in Less than Two Weeks According to Sources

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 04, 2012

Diet Doc announces affordable medical hCG weight loss diet plans which provide considerable results in less than two weeks according to an in-house study showing patients losing an average of 30 pounds per month.

Diet Doc is offering their medical hCG weight loss diet plan at an affordable price to patients. After conducting an in-house survey of the larger hCG doctor clinics across the U.SA., it was found the Diet Doc hCG Diet Program was the most cost-effective, all-inclusive diet program that is capable of helping patients lose an average of 14 pounds in the first two weeks of the program. Julie Wright, founder and CEO of Diet Doc says,weve made our diet plan affordable to give almost anyone a chance to get to a healthy weight and do so at a rapid, safe pace which is sustainable long term.

Diet Docs hCG weight loss program is a modernized version of the original diet that was created in the 1950s by Dr. Simeons. Theyve added more calories and long list of diet foods that also includes essential vitamins and minerals to their program, a stark contrast to the original Simeons protocol which only allows 500 calories a day with a very restricted foods list. This is of the main reasons why the original hCG diet has received any negative criticism and Diet Doc has always set themselves apart from the rest by modifying the program and making it safe and easy to follow.

The Diet Doc hCG weight loss program is also the only medically-supervised hCG program offered in the U.S. to date. After a thorough health evaluation given by their doctors to determine if the diet is right for them, each accepted patient is given a prescription for Diet Docs specially formulated hCG treatment that is enhanced with vitamin b-12 for added energy. Their nutritionists also create a specialized diet plan that is based on the individual goals of each patient. The diet is divided into four stages that re-introduce food groups back into the diet. These stages are designed to ease cravings brought on mainly by stress or emotional eating not through total food restriction but by acclimating the mind and body to healthy eating habits at a healthy pace, says Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc. We find that by educating our patients on how to eat healthy combined with our hCG treatments makes our diet plan fool-proof.

Diet Doc is known to be an ideal weight loss program for people that have a variety of health conditions brought on by weight gain and obesity. Those with type 2 diabetes and/or high blood pressure, for example, find this program to be effective because the diet plan is low-glycemic and enhanced with essential vitamins and supplements that are found to help symptoms caused by the disease. Others that are not ready to take extreme measures for weight loss, such as bariatric surgery, turn to this weight loss diet plan as a means to avoid invasive surgery. Our program is a great preventative measure for people to take to avoid life-long diseases caused by poor diet and lifestyle choices. We are passionate about what we do and continue to help people regain their confidence within themselves to live a healthy life, says Wright.

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