Diet Doc Hormone Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announce New Cholesterol Diet Plans and Healthy Recipes To Help Dieters Lose Weight and Improve Their Health

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 18, 2013

Diet Docs prescription hormone diet plans were designed to help dieters nationwide lose weight quickly and also improve their overall weight-related health. But, Diet Doc understands that each dieter requires unique assistance in reaching their weight loss goals; therefore, they create personalized diet plans based on each patients age, gender, health history and lifestyle preferences. Using healthy recipes and prescription hormone treatments, Diet Doc is able to help dieters across the nation quickly lose weight, with some dieters losing up to almost a pound of excess, embarrassing fat per day. And, dieters with specific health care needs are able to have those issues addressed as part of their diet program. For instance, Diet Doc recently revealed their cholesterol diet that, in addition to helping dieters lose weight, also helps them lower their levels of unhealthy cholesterol.

Dieters looking to improve their cholesterol levels will initially consult, easily over the telephone, with a Diet Doc physician who has been specially trained in creating cholesterol diets with prescription supplements and healthy recipes for low fat foods. The patient and physician will discuss the patients health history, including previous attempts to lose weight, healthy recipes that the patient has tried and their goals for overall weight loss. Considering the dieters unique situation and desires, the physician will then recommend and prescribe exclusive diet pills, supplements and hormone treatments that target stored body fat and work to control the patients appetite. And, the patient can easily order their supplements and treatments over the phone, or the internet, so that they cholesterol diet can begin immediately following their initial consultation.

While competitors simply supply their clients with hormone treatments that contain levels of active ingredients too low to produce any effective results, Diet Doc is dedicated to providing the highest quality of ingredients. And, in addition to prescribing fat burning treatments, the Diet Doc team also remains available, six days per week, for unlimited consultations with their clients to answer questions about their cholesterol diet, offer suggestions for healthy recipes and monitor patient progress to ensure that dieters are able to successfully lose weight fast. Their personalized approach to helping their clients lose weight and improve their health through cholesterol diets, has made Diet Docs prescription hormone diet plans stand apart from their competitors and has made them the nations leader in medically supervised weight loss programs.

Certified nutritionists will also spend time counseling their patients on healthy recipes with nutrient rich foods that provide energy without causing weight gain recipes that are appropriate for their cholesterol diet. Diet Doc understands that many of their clients may not have a health or nutrition background and dedicates time to helping dieters acquire the skills necessary not only to lose weight, but to also sustain their weight loss in the future. And, to encourage clients to try healthy recipes on their own, Diet Doc also provides them with a complementary copy of their exclusive cookbook that contains over fifty pages of low calorie food suggestions.

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