Diet Doc Weight Loss Announces the Only hCG Weight Loss Diet PlanThat Promotes Total Body Detoxification

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Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) June 08, 2012

HCG Treatments/ Diet Doc Weight Loss programs has designed a diet plan to do more than just help their patients lose weight, it also promotes digestive health as well. With more than 80,000 chemicals on the market, many of which can be found in food, water, soil and air, detoxification is a must-do for everyone, especially those trying to lose weight.

Last year the Presidents Cancer Panel reported that researchers found some 300 chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of newborns, rendering even babies pre-polluted. The liver, the bodys primary detox organ, simply cannot handle the mounting toxins fast enough and will cause the body to store the toxins in fat cells. This buildup of toxins in the cells, also known as cellular toxicity, may lead to chronic inflammation which is linked to conditions including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, asthma and even obesity. Diet Docs hCG weight loss programs go beyond weight loss and targets cellular detoxification through proper diet and supplementation. Diet Doc’s diet plan is customized to fit each patients’ needs now including detoxification. It can last anywhere from 23 days to 60 days or beyond because it is not a crash diet. Along with daily hCG treatments, their program now uses a ketogenic diet plan. This diet, known for its detoxifying effects, is a medically-supervised diet that consists of low carbohydrate and low glycemic foods, which forces the body to use fat reserves that are broken down for energy in the liver. To aid this process Diet Doc suggests that their patients also include essential vitamins and minerals that will also work to promote weight loss.

Most weight loss programs only consider calorie counting and amount of activity that each person takes in, but Diet Docs programs are backed with scientific reason and evidence for every element of their diet plan including the detoxification, which is why it is to found to be very effective among those who try their program. Each patient is guided by a weight-loss counselor to see them through this life-transition. Diet Doc now goes beyond weight loss by addressing their clients’ overall health and transformation to make sure each person achieves their goal of a healthy and clean body.

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