Diet Tips & Diet Plan for Weight Loss & Fat Loss | Malayalam | How To Lose Body Fat Safe & Effective

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5 Egg Whites + 1 whole eggs
40 gram oats / 3 idly / 2 slice bread / 2 slice of puttu / 3 idiyappam / 150 gram rice
Curry / Small bowl / Kadala / sambar

Mid morning snack :
One scoop whey protein or 5 Eggs whites + 1 Whole Egg
One apple / watermelon
Green tea or Black coffee (Without Sugar)

150 gram of chicken / fish (raw weight) 6 eggs Whites + 1 yolk whole egg
150 gram rice (cooked weight)
Unlimited greens (one large bowl of vegetables)

Mid evening snack: (pre workout meal)
2 slice of white bread or Whole Wheat bread with peanut Butter
Black coffee with little sugar

Post workout meal:
One Scoop Whey Protien drink (only with water)

150 gram fish / Chiken / Beef / 5 egg whites + 1 yolk whole egg
2 chapathi , 100 gram rice (cooked weight)
Unlimited green (one large bowl of vegetables)

✅For all those who are struggling for weight loss/ fat loss, and are confused where to start from, this video will give you the guidelines on how to plan your weight loss/ fat loss journey, by modifying your current eating routine, moderate exercise, proper tracking of your progress etc.

If you are ready to work hard, with a lot of patience and by systematically planning each day, you will definitely achieve your goal.

In this video, I have shared my own experience on how I was able to transform from FAT to FIT and how I realised that clean eating habits, moderate exercise routine, persistence, hardwork and patience will definitely pay off !!

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