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liv4singing says:

HER NOSE:O she looks

liv4singing says:

Voldemort’s wife….

ATXBeautyPhotography says:

Free range chickens are show to have higher level omega 4 fatty acids. They are more healthy to eat. They are also often not fed arsenic which many factory farmed chickens are. The arsenic causes water weight gain so the animal weighs more and is sold for more.

MoreGrievances says:

Humans don’t need meat to survive today or in the past. It’s inhumane and animals should be off the menu is the bottom line.

psychetruth says:

In modern time where foods can be grown and imported from all over the world someone can be vegan now. What do you eat for protein? Soy and bean? Are soy and bean grown locally where you live. If so, were they grown locally there 100 years ago? Soy originated in asia. 100 years ago in temperate and arctic zones (which is most of the planet) it was impossible to live on a vegan diet. Fruit does not grown in the winter. Only 1 in 200 people are vegan. Man is omnivorous.

Katerinaandthe says:

Humans didnt evolve in a temperate or artic zone. I also think people would be surprised there is quite some protein in grains, vegetables, and even fruit. beans, soy, and nuts arent the only plant-based protein source! You can also be unhealthy yet skinny even 100 years ago eating your grandparent’s diet. it’s not just about reducing your pant size! It’s about your health and vitality! 🙂

goldsilverandiamonds says:

Man’s mouth is designed to eat meat look at our teeth and the teeth of animals that eat meat,cuspid teeth are designed to tear into flesh.When it comes to survival humane is not an issue is it inhumane for a Lion to eat meat,or a fish to eat fish?or a bird to eat bugs and fish? Meat especially red meat is highly nutritious,it also allows us to feel full and satisfied.People who watch their diets,exercise,eat meat, fruits,veggies ect are much healthier then those that avoid meat but do the same.

lifeschild1 says:

I’m sorry but how is my comment disrespectful, please tell me?
I was serious, no joke! The more oral sex performed the less one will eat actual contaminated toxic food substances. Also the enzymes procured in the female ejaculate contains antigens which truly assist in the reduction of fat molecules.

Katerinaandthe says:

I respectfully disagree. People who omit meats and dairy and eat enough fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and seeds are much healthier. Please, don’t take my word for it though! look at the facts 🙂 of course it’s not inhumane for a lion to eat meat or a fish to eat fish! but, of course, they dont get their meat/ fish from factory farms.

ChintamiAtmanegoro says:

i hope someday Corrina will explain further about nutrition fact by using Halter 😀 :D

goldsilverandiamonds says:

Most studies only take in to consideration the general population,as we know non-meat eater as a whole are more careful of their diet and health but when compared to the same type of person who consumes meat,meat eaters are healthier overall. Again look at our teeth we are designed to consume meat,look at the teeth of non-meat eating animals and you’ll see a difference.So your problem is with large farms rather then a society running around killing animals willy nilly like most other countries.

KnightsofEmerald says:

But, my grand-mother only ate, boiled potatos, bread and ham 🙁 she was poor, that why she was thin….

georgesbackyardgym says:

low fat vegan, plant base diet includes whole fruit veg legumes grains seeds and nuts

Sangtrone says:

Had to stop at the GMO part…
Every plant you eat has been genetically modified by humans, and it has been going on for millennia. All the produce that comes into this country is genetically identical to other produce of the same variety (your bananas are clones). This all applies to organic foods as well. While certain business practices (Monsanto I’m looking at you) are unsavory GMOs are far from the poison people claim they are.

psychetruth says:

Hybridization and selective breading is very different than transgenetic modification where you take some genes out of a fish and stick them in a tomato. Those two things can’t go to together in nature.

There are bans on one or more or all GMO Crops in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Blugaria, Luxembourg, France, Maderia, Switzerland, India & Thailand.

The USA is the only country GMO Food aren’t required to Be labeled as such.

You are misinformed.

Katerinaandthe says:

Great opportunity to exchange sources! Have you read The China Study? It pulls on many experiments& will answer your question on vegans being more careful with health. Also, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published “Health effects of vegan diets.”
Can you send your sources?
I see a difference between my teeth & a bear’s, but I’m not here to debate that; I’m saying what works best for our body. Yes large farms are a prob, but I’m talking about something on a much wider scope

psychetruth says:

The author of the China study presupposed his conclusion and then cherry picked the data and skewed his interpretation to fit his presupposed conclusion. Which is what you are doing too. Had your ancestors not been able to eat meat, the human race would not have been able to expand across the globe and survive ice ages.

There is difference between your single stomach and a cow’s four stomachs too. There is also a difference between a ape’s ability to absorb fiber and your inability to.

Katerinaandthe says:

Yet you are cherry picking too. The author of the China Study has much more knowledge of the subject, extensive research, & pulls on many studies. Expanding & surviving are different from health & the best foods for our body. My intestines are not like a lion’s either. We also see people surviving while drinking coco-cola. Also, people on a high fat, high protein diet almost always have a weight problem. I can see we wont change each other’s opinions, and I thank you for your opinion. Peace ☮

davidsweeney111 says:

GMO – all I have to say is tomatoes.

psychetruth says:

Not at all. If you examine the history record, anthropological records, compare our diets to our evolutionary relatives, learn about essential nutrients, look at the diets of indigenous cultures, etc. and put all of the evidence on the table, it all say’s man is an omnivorous and has been long since before he evolved past an ape.

Only 1 in 200 people (if even that) are vegan. Sure it’s better than the conventional junk food diet but studies show pescetarian live much longer than vegans.

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