Eat Stop Eat, Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast and Forever !!!

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Eat Stop Eat, Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast and Forever !!!
Lose Weight Fast with Eat Sto Eat Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan.
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Discover How to Lose Weight with this Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan called Eat Stop Eat.

Please, Watch this free and informative 25-Minutes Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan guide, Introducing amazing Weight Loss and Health benefits that you can get from the Eat Stop Eat System of Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan.

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You might ask yourself why such a diet like Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan would work and what the benefits to it would be. There are quite a few actually.
One of the first, and probably best for time saving in such a busy society is that people who practice Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan tend to eat a lot less frequently than other people.

Why is this important? Well, first, it saves you time and money, something we can all appreciate. There are plenty of diets that tell you that eating 5-6 smaller meals a day is the key to weight loss, but who has the time, or discipline to schedule their life around their food rather than the other way around? And in fact, there is no proof that this is of any greater benefit than any other way of eating.

As long as you consume the same amount of calories in the day, there is no difference in eating 5 or 6 meals as opposed to 2 or 3, or even 1. (One study even showed that eating more frequently through the day can actually LEAD to weight gain because most people don’t get the “I’m full” feeling, making them eat more because they think they are hungry.)

The key point here is that eating less frequently generally results in eating less calories overall, which is important for weight loss. Reducing the number of calories can and does help people to lose weight, and Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan is great for that.

Just think about it for a second. If you have a plan that requires you to fast for 24 hours once or twice a week, you are drastically reducing your overall caloric intake for that week (provided you don’t go overboard during the rest of the days).


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MrRozebud says:

Update – well, 5 months in and I’ve lost 15 lbs, which feels like the
halfway point for where I want to get to . Not the mega results that other
people seem to be getting but I’m very pleased so far! And all this while
still eating the junk food I so like to tuck into…if I’d stuck to eating
nuts and berries I’m sure I’d of lost a lot more – but then I doubt that I
would have been able to hack it! That said, the more I lose the more
motivated to eat healthily and exercise I’m feeling.

Justan Habhab says:

Since the creamers have minimal calories. I fast everyday from 6 pm to noon
the next day. IF is awesome.

tony3078 says:

Depends on you and your daily activities. 1 or 2 days per week is enough.

Brian Nielson says:

Keep spreading the word, brother! I sub’d and liked. I’ve been intermittent
fasting for a little over five weeks now, and I train at the end of my
fast. I’ve only posted three videos so far, but I’m going to try to keep
posting regularly. I’d love to have you in my YouTube family for motivation
and support. Keep training!

innerlocus says:

Thanks a lot for this presentation, I just wanted to know what was expected
during the fast and this vid made the idea clear. 

Tino Villaro says:

@tony3078 Great tips, that’s exactly how I did it over a matter of 1-2

Kallihan Kokernot says:

You’re gonna gain all of that back

anam khan says:

Hello! Have you considered – Oz Fat Be Gone (should be on google have a
look)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my boss lost 28lbs
within weeks with it. 

justfeddup says:

Great video. I’m in my 60’s and did a mishmash of ‘Leangains., ‘Warrior
Diet’, ‘EAT,STOP,EAT’ and ‘Fast 5 Diet and Lifestyle’ (free ebook). Did and
am doing Crossfit (go to BrandX for scaling) and lost over 40 lbs. When
your stomach starts growling it’s a sign of Fat Being Mobilized. Friends I
had not seen in over a year were amazed at the Fat Loss. I weighed less
than when I got married at 25. IF WORKS. Thanks Martin, Ori, Brad and Dr.
Herring, also Coach Glassman. 

reaper xox says:

This was already taught to us by our Prophet. Fasting 3 days in lunar
month. 13th 14th 15th. 2 days in a week Monday and Thursday

sammyboi55 says:

Drinking pee can stave off hunger. URINE THERAPY FOR THE WIN.

Yun Lin says:

very good vid, I like the style of presentation also.~

Mary Wilson says:

hey everybody! Have you ever tried – Oz Fat Be Gone (search on google)? Ive
heard some extraordinary things about it and my GF lost 22lbs within weeks
with it. 

CottonCandySmiles2 says:

I used to eat only once a day when I was in High School and lost a lot of
weight. I never read about what intermmitent fasting was, just thought that
if what really matters is the amount of calories you eat, as long as you
burn an excess it’s possible to burn fat. In less than 6 months I went from
226 pounds to 160 pounds. That was like 9 years ago and haven’t gained any
weight eating 3 meals per day. It won’t slow your metabolism as long as you
eat a reasonable amount of calories. If you eat inly 250 calories for that
meal, you’ll obviously gain weight if introduce more calories. 1000- 1500
cals should be fine.

yahyuc says:

I’ve been IF’n for 3weeks now, using the 16/8 concept.. I must say I was
doubtful at first, but am now a believer.. I’m already down 11lbs, the
funniest misunderstanding about IF is that you’re “starved”.. Lol
definitely had tons of energy and have really adopted this as a lifestyle
as It helps me control my eating. DON’t KNOCK IT ! 

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