Eating Healthy In Restaurants… (do this before each meal)

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Simple tip for eating healthy and sticking to your diet when eating out in restaurants. Do this before every meal to stay lean while eating out.


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One of the biggest challenges when it comes to following a fat loss diet is how do you eat out in restaurants and stick to your diet.

Now I totally understand how easy it is to get off track, let yourself go, and totally blow your diet when eating out. But there’s a simple meal that you can get at pretty much any restaurant that you go to and that’s a veggie salad with a grilled chicken breast.

Even if I’m going to have a “normal” meal, I’ll always start off with a large garden salad first to pre-fill my belly and curb my appetite before getting to the other foods. This way I’ll naturally eat less of the not so good food, and more easily control my appetite with the low calorie nutrient dense food first.

Even when I’m eating at home I’ll start every single meal with a big garden salad, then I’ll eat my protein (i.e. meat, chicken, fish, etc.) and after that I’ll eat carbs such as rice, potatoes, pasta, etc. By eating in this order I’m able to control my appetite and stick to my plan more easily.

Instead of worrying about the bad foods I have to avoid, I focus on the good foods that I must eat. By pre-filling you belly with the good stuff, you’ll have less room and desire for the bad stuff afterwards.

It’s a simple tip, but it works. So for your next meal – start with a large garden salad – and if you want some extra protein, add in a chopped up chicken breast with your salad.

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