Ever Wondered how it was Possible to Build Lean Muscle while Shedding Tons of Body Fat at the Same Time? Wonder no More as Zeus Fitness X Arrives like a Storm!

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London,UK (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

Everyone wants it all when they start to workout, right? Lean muscle mass, the flab gone and the 6 pack abs showing.

But that dream has never really come to fruition

There can be many reasons for this. The wrong diet, the wrong training or simply just not knowing the right way to go about it

Like me you will all have probably gone through the endless maze of fitness magazines, Internet weight loss guides and the crazy fad diets in the search for the answers.

Recently when going through the latest search for achieving this ultimate goal we kept stumbling across the same name.

Zeus Fitness

Unlike many of the regular weight loss guides, websites or magazines featuring some heavily photo shopped muscle bound guy this featured the impressive physique of the Zeus Head coach himself Grant Davison.

So we decided to have a closer look as to what this Zeus Fitness was all about and where this crazy hype was coming from.

Grant has been wrestling for 15 years and is one of the most in demand personal training & performance coaches in the UK. After contacting him via the website site Grant said…

Zeus Fitness was something I’d always dreamed about creating but never seemed to find the time. I was approached by one of my personal training clients who had a very successful portfolio of Internet Businesses. We talked about it, and in late 2012 Zeus Fitness was born’

We started giving away some killer free workouts on our website, http://zeusfitness.com and the feedback was unreal. We started getting 100’s of daily fans on our Facebook page and our YouTube Channel exploded

After dissecting all their fans requests, Grant put together a brand new online training program called Zeus X which is a 28 day ‘step-by-step’ workout program for shredding body fat and building lean muscle taught via video tutorial with full food plans and a special members feedback form for anyone to contact Grant with specific questions.

We went live with the program Zeus X http://zeusfitness.com/getzeusxnow on the 20th December and feedback has been superb. We’ve had new people joining every single day and since the New Year we’re even busier

Grant says the success of Zeus X was down to the unique way it was presented…

Many diet guides and workouts are in eBook format and are poorly explained to the viewer. With Zeus X we go through the exact technique for each exercise live on camera and give people a daily 28 day plan. They can view the videos online, download them to their smart phone, take them to the gym or even do the workouts at home with some basic equipment. We also give them the full workout and food plans they can print off and/or view on their smart phone. Its the whole package’

Grant sent us over a copy of the Zeus X and we were simply blown away. The days of scouring the Internet in search of the answers are no more.

This really is the most definitive guide you could possibly wish for. A pure step-by-step guide

So for anyone really looking to lose weight and add some lean muscle, look no further than Zeus X

For more information on Zeus Fitness visit

Website: http://zeusfitness.com

Zeus X Training program: http://zeusfitness.com/getzeusxnow

Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/thezeusfitness

You Tube: http://youtube.com/thezeusfitness


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