ExerciseFriends Helps Sponsor the Fearless America Tour that Celebrates People Who Make a Difference

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Austin, TX (PRWEB) March 06, 2013

ExerciseFriends.com helps motivate and inspire people to create change in their lives through exercise, fitness and diet. http://www.ExerciseFriends.com

Exercise Friends understands that exercise is a catalyst for change—always for the better.

People who exercise enjoy better health, have more friends, less credit card debt and often use exercise as the first step to gain control of hectic, out-of control lives.

ExerciseFriends.com is proud to be working with Rhonda Britten, Emmy Award winning expert on changing ones life for the better and Andy Paige, Celebrity Apprentice Stylist who helps anyone look great for less—launch their tour to find the people who make a difference in America. http://www.fearlessamerica.com

The FearlessAmerica Tour is scheduled for the fall of 2013 with a second leg in early 2014.

Patrick McCluskey, founder of ExerciseFriends.com noted: For some, dropping 10 pounds is just a belt loop. But for many, it is the first step in a journey toward empowerment—getting out of an abusive relationship or landing a better job. We are extremely happy to be able to help Rhonda Britten and Andy Paige find the Most Fearless American—people in towns across America who make a difference.

This year, ExerciseFriends.com began releasing parts of a 2-year study of their membership and the scientific data surrounding people who make positive change in their lives. The study demonstrated challenges to be overcome. True, many fail with diets, and people who start working out at a gym in January often quit by May.

Importantly, the study showed that exercising with a friend has a 95 percent success rate.

The study also showed the ways that exercise is a powerful catalyst for better health, better personal relationships, and leads to changing ones life for the better.

Meeting with Rhonda Britten and Andy Paige, ExerciseFriends learned that positive change comes from many hidden Americans who do not seek the limelight—they just go to work every day, play by the rules, and still change America for the better.

And it is high time these people are recognized. The Fearless America Tour is launching a 50 city tour, tied to a reality television show, with massive social media presence to recognize those who are making a difference and inspire others to step up and bring positive change to their lives.


ExerciseFriends.com, is the first social media community to discover the secret that dieting fails 99 percent of the time and exercise programs started in January typically fail by May but when diet or exercise programs include partnering with a friend or two, people exceed their goals 95 percent of the time.

Launched as an Austin, Texas-startup ExerciseFriends.com has grown to hundreds of thousands of members applying social media to Americas most dangerous health problem—obesity.

ExerciseFriends.com now teams with leading health, fitness, diet and wellness leaders to change the workout paradigm to working out with a friend. Proceeds go to charity.


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