Exotic Nutrition INSTANT-HPW Supplement 8 oz Bag Sugar Glider Diet Plan Reviews

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Exotic Nutrition INSTANT-HPW Supplement 8 oz Bag Sugar Glider Diet Plan

Exotic Nutrition INSTANT-HPW Supplement 8 oz Bag Sugar Glider Diet Plan

  • Your Sugar Glider will absolutely LOVE the pure vanilla bean flavor of INSTANT-HPW. Contains all of the ingredients in the original HPW Diet including Honey, Eggs, Wombaroo High Protein Supplement, Bee Pollen, Flax Seed Oil & Omega 6 & 3 Fatty Acids.
  • INSTANT-HPW to replicate the original HPW diet plan used by Sugar Glider owner’s worldwide. INSTANT-HPW delivers an enriched diet plan that includes all of the ingredients found in the original HPW(High Protein Wombaroo diet), without the fuss, high cost of purchasing individual ingredients … or mess involved in it’s preparation!
  • Simply add bottled water, blend, and it’s ready to feed, or freeze into ice cubes(Freezes soft)… to offer at a later time. Amazingly simple to prepare and flavored with pure vanilla bean powder that Sugar Gliders can’t resist!
  • INSTANT-HPW can be frozen after mixing and stored for up to 6 months frozen. It will store in it’s original powder form at room temperature for up to 1 year.
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When is it especially important to use supplemented Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants: 1)During Stress – When you are traveling with your pet or boarding them in a pet store or kennel. 2)During Growth Stages – During the first year of development. 3)During Illness – Supplements help in the recovery process. 4)During Pregnancy or in heat – Breeders know this fact, pregnant mother need more nutrition. 5)During Post Surgical – After any surgical procedure.
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-Embullience* says:
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If you own a Sugarglider this is a priority, March 7, 2012

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SugarGliders have a very complex, important diet. My little fuzz butts fur wasn’t as soft and fluffy as it was when I adopted him, I became worried knowing it had something to do with nutrition. I researched the crap out of SugarGlider food ratio& their own unique specific needs, protien, calcium, to have a healthy happy glider. This product is the best I could find. Anything from exotic nutrition for gliders is ligil and reasonable. After my glider had this included in his diet he has become even softer and HEALTHIER than he was when I got him. This is a MUST, its quick easy& a need. Mesure out your powder and water, put it in the blender or in a bowl& use a mixer for 1 min and pour into ice cube trays or freeze it in any container, one ice cube per 2 gliders a night with their diet. Is good for up to 6months in the freeze. If you love you fuzz butt, take good care of him and know his needs.

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