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Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) September 09, 2014

With good, fresh food, more exercise, and clean air, expats say they live a healthier lifestyle overseas and it’s easy to do so.

Americans Denver Gray and his wife Ann moved to the beach town of Salinas, Ecuador in March of 2013.

“After we bought our condo, we came to Salinas for five weeks to set things up,” says Gray. “Some interesting things happened during those five weeks. Without any deliberate attempts to change our diet or lifestyle, my wife and I each lost 10 pounds.”

Denver, who has Type II diabetes, noticed that his morning blood sugar was getting lower within two weeks of being in Salinas.

“During the third week, I had to cut my medication in half because my sugar was getting too low. Once we went back to the States, both the weight and sugar levels crept back up,” he says.

Other expats report that this is not unusual. Many overweight expats who move to Ecuador find that in the first year they lose anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds—without making any conscious effort to change their diet or exercise habits.

The type of food consumed plays a big role in this change. In Ecuador, for the most part, fresh foods are grown without pesticides and chemical additives. The milk, cheese, and eggs come from animals that have not been fed steroids.

The good weather is also a factor. “The beautiful weather encourages walking or just being outside. Most days we take a morning walk down the boardwalk or an evening walk after dinner—or both,” reports Gray.

“Even walking the dog becomes a nice stroll outdoors. If we were back in the States, with sub-freezing weather and six inches or more of snow on the ground, we would not be lingering over the dog-walk,” he says.

Even though Denver and Ann have a much healthier lifestyle in Ecuador, they both had to go to the doctor once since arriving there. But what impressed them most was that the doctor made a house call.

“He showed up and did the examination. He asked some questions and made his diagnosis. In my case, he administered two injections. His fee for the visit, the injections, and the drugs he provided was $ 60,” reports Gray.

“You can go to clinics that charge even less, and some of them provide free services. But, as in the U.S., you may spend a good part of the day waiting in a room with other sick people. For us, knowing we can have an English-speaking doctor come to our home gives us great peace of mind,” says Gray

The full report on how expats are living a healthier lifestyle overseas, as well as information on health insurance in Ecuador, can be read here: Ecuador’s Natural Weight Loss Plan.

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