Extreme Weight Loss S03E01 David and Rebecca

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Extreme Weight Loss S03E01 David and Rebecca

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Anjelica Chavez says:

I was told because that represents the heart and you leave the heart alone
theres other things behind it.

Sansash says:

If it works why aren’t you using it .. I’m presuming you’re not as you’re
not exactly slim are you.

Joanna Knight says:

Would you kindly stop using my you tube information as an excuse to sell
your goods. This is rude I find and you are not invited to do so. Thank you.

jodavi1966 says:

@gonchypoo fantastic news…well done!

Bernd Licht says:

She has not cursed them but simply told them not to abuse her platform and
her accomplishments. The pills they pander are not the solution. We did not
take pills to get fat but we have the wrong mental setup. And this is
exactly what is taken care of here.

Mira Garrison says:

pleas talk slower and more clear or you in some hurry,,:))))

TaceaLanise says:

I am getting into this whole EFT thing. My son and I will start doing
“Meditation Mondays” ­čÖé

The Fakey Cake Maker says:

@jodavi1966 Hi there, you didn’t explain about why you don’t tap the ring
finger, I was interested. Great vid. xx

Joanna Knight says:

Hi to everyone that has found this video helpful and apologies for some of
the horrible and nasty comments that some individuals find the need to
express. I do find it fascinating, and do wonder if these individuals would
acutally air their opinions in this fashion face to face. Naturally it is
far easier to be a coward and hide behind the internet. In the meantime,
for those of you who are geniune in your requests….good luck to you and
well done! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Joanna x

Nicole Nadeau says:

Thank you Joanna Knight, Love your video.´╗┐

Violeta Puppin says:

Andre Lima is teaching this technique in Brazil. It’s a big success. I
loved this video and do believe it works. Thank you very much! God Bless
you !´╗┐

Jolanta Poland says:

What a nice voice ­čÖé she has, and pleasant to look at, too.´╗┐

Bikram garamja says:

Are you making these mistakes in your weight loss regimen? Copy and paste
into google Fat Blast Furnace to find out.´╗┐

dfxjedi says:

Thanks, that was a interesting video.´╗┐

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