Fasting, The Ultimate Detox Diet Plan

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soldatheero says:

I’m starting a 7 day water fast today, not to lose weight at all but to
purify my body. Trying to kickoff a healthier lifestyle, no beer after the
fast and im going to quick smoking MJ. IMO water fast is the only way to
go, no half assed shit

diet2528 says:

Healthy eating tip 4: Fill up on colorful fruits and vegetables

Matt nunya says:

4 months ago today I became a vegetarian. I don’t eat junk food or drink
soda and I really don’t eat cooked foods.. I eat salads, fruits, veggies,
nuts, seeds pure raw honey.. I drink nothing but water and Acai berry juice
and a few times a week I drink coffee.. I have lost 45 pounds and feel a
lot better.. Do you think I have aready detoxed my body doing this? I
always eat fresh lemons and oranges.. I’m thinking about doing what u just
talked about doing.. I’m a male 5’11 145 pounds.. ???

WithChildLikeFaith says:

I want really want to to do a 10 day juice fast but do not have access to
the equipment to do colon irrigation to help move out the toxins. Any ideas
about this?

Matt nunya says:

@healthyvegan Thank you for the feedback =) Love your videos! You go girl!

Samus Aran says:

Your eyes are hypnotic….

kprip says:

hello i tried fasting i just drank water and green tea, i read this about
fasting, please give me your thoughts fasting is the simplest method our
body has for maintaining its caloric balance. Store a little when we eat,
burn when we don’,t the problem is that, recent research suggests that we
spend as much as 20 hours a day in a fed state. we are constantly eating
and storing food and we never really give ourslfs a chance to burn it off.

Zeno1999 says:

Video : Nice summary on detox with all the possible considerations; you
think like an expert engineer, Heather 🙂 Those who do colon irrigation
(enema) along w/detox may need to take some acidophiles replacement caps.

MrMac5150 says:

Where is the medical proof in this, Dr. OZ say your body automatically
cleans its self and doing things like this disrupts nature.

DumbNJKids says:

I want to fast for 30 days by drinking only juice and probably protein
powder so there’s protein going to the heart and there won’t be much muscle
loss. I also heard you saying something about fastin long term would 30
days be considered that? Also what juices do you recommend and how much
consumed daily.

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