FastingTwins: What I Ate Today After Intermittent Fasting “IF” for 21 Hours

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DasJoppe says:

In a video, they were bench pressing and Keith said: “I did 2 sets of 4 and
[Kevin] did 2 sets of 5. [He’s] a little bit stronger than me.” I don’t
remember exactly when the video was uploaded… probably a couple of months

Gursahab Singhgill says:


Adude2009 says:

Golds Gym

Greg OnTv says:

Wow. Outstanding film. My older brother used to be a fatty. He went from
290lbs of pure fat into 215lbs of full-strength muscle. We thought it was
awesome! I just joined myself as I’m looking to get bigger muscle mass. He
used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

Luca S says:

who the fuck comes with the idea to do behind the back shoulder press with
a BARBELL anyway omg

joestl314 says:

You can probably make some gains on “good” prohormones, but at what cost?
With regard to your health, it’s probably “safer” to just use real gear.
But for real, eat right, train smart = all kinds of gains…ALL KINDSS!!!!

basictalent1 says:

Hey guys you must also do some cooking videos and more of eating videos.

pablo eskobar says:

thumbs upp if you google christmas three lower back muscle

Alex Ko says:

You keep telling that to yourself.

warsaminho says:

“Bitch-press” hahahaha

travelholic91 says:

I think that’s a chick.

Bayer-Z28 says:

That Snap City hoody is awesome! XD lol

DungeonDawg69 says:

im not in or near a gym and even sader i dont have a t bar so what can i do
for the back work outs?


0:00 to 0:04… aka Resident Evil zombies :P

Ryan Anderson says:


Reda AB says:

sorry I had to MUTE


Stupid lil niggerz !!! 

fearls1 says:

lol, you two are crazy. Calm the F’ down and focus on what youre trying to
share instead of acting a fool all the time.

AimOnTargets says:


Brandie Jeanette says:

Training to failure is unnecessary? So I can go to the gym…lift with
weights that aren’t too heavy but with reasonable resistance…not zapp my
muscles…not walk around with all sore and with limp the next day like I
got some good mushroom tip action the night before…&& still make gains? 

stankbeeze says:

Weight loss is about calorie intake. You have to burn more than you are
intaking. I’m sure they fast so they won’t pick up extra calories making it
easier to burn what they have put on. If you eat more than you workout you
are in trouble.

Frank J says:

that’s what I do and people think im weird 

fahd s says:

“First I’m gonna drink this shit, then after I drink that shit, I’m gonna
eat this shit and then a couple of hours goes by and I will eat this shit
here” LOL. eating a lot of shit.

Austin Collins says:

i wish the ending didnt scare the fucking shit out of me.

bruinsrapecanadians says:

Im.Fucking. Dead…” I TOLD THAT BITCH I DIDN’T WANT PICKLES” ahahahhaha

Repentlessrich says:

how can you eat all your calories in 4 hours :O

Andrei jj says:


MrJusttestinghere says:

Open up dem buuunz, mayn. What’s up under dem buuunZ?

Mark robinson says:

great genetics, if i ate that my ass would jiggle for a week

ken bardin says:

How do they know its 2500?

Manoffriendship says:

Their genetics are so good that they can eat this shit.

Kevin vr says:

1:22 That fucking BITCH put pickles on my Shiiiaaatttt ! 

LG StreakZz says:

why do they fast? are they muslims ?

The F**K you lookin at says:

Who the FUCK came up with the idea of putting pickles in burgers. Yuck.

trick384 says:

let me see you eat that shit next time ok

Peace Keeper says:

Whats that with his burgers ? those chips thingies 

Antonio Domingos says:

21 hours of fasting ??? i do 8 hours per day … dang that’s the most
gangasta sh*t 

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