Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout – High Intensity Interval Training with Warm Up & Cool Down

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


Maren L. Johnson says:

I feel like an ass when I can’t get the steps -_- #goodworkout

Kathryn Pugh says:

Is this really supposed to be cardio? My heart rate barley went up! Was
more like an easy break than an actual workout…

Butterflykisses2103 says:

I’m a mamma of three and trying to get back into my workouts , so been
watching few videos and think I’ll stick to your channel and see how I go!
New subbie right here , God bless beautiful lady

Charley Rose says:

Will doing this twice and the waist workout once every day work?

Jennifer Adams Franklin says:

Will be adding this to tomorrow’s a.m. workout routine!

Jasmine Burroughs says:


Michelle L says:

You are so awesome, beautiful, and fun! Your great personality and energy
make all your workouts so enjoyable

Keisha Dainard says:

i am 8 months postpartum with twins and i love your videos! getting me back
into shape one video at a time. i usually stick to two different
videos/workouts per week though. this week its the bounce back after baby
and this one. last week it was sexy back and booty shakin abs. my body can
sure feel it! if i can do it with three kids and a busy household anyone
can do it! 🙂 in one month im down 8 pounds and lost 4 inches off my

Kenna Lyn says:

Wow I started feeling the burn right when he had to put the arms out so it
takes 5 days to see results or something because at the beginning it said
something like that?!?!?!

Hiz hunny says:

Happy friday!!

Camden Smith says:

I love Tiffany’s approach but this workout is a bit too easy unless you
pair it with her hot body warmup and then do a plyo legs workout after

Natalie says:

This taught me how to defend myself in a physical altercation I was in. I
learned a lot from this video! Much love Tiffany.

4LoveOfDance says:

This one really kicks my ass. I like it! I really like doing your warm up,
3 of your 10 minute workouts (I alternate the workouts daily between doing
waist-boxer-waist, and boxer-waist-boxer), and then your ballet video as a
cool down. Sometimes I get carried away and end up doing more because
you’re so easy to follow and I definitely feel the encouragement! Thanks
for posting these so I don’t have to go into the gym every single day. 🙂 

Maira I. Robledo says:

First… workout… next… zumba…

XJustBell says:

How many times i have to do this on a day/week?

Jessica Davison says:

my day 3 workout #streakintospring

@SparkPeople #workout #fitness #challenge #reachyourgoals

Thaulopi says:

Thanks Tiff. That was fabulous!

TiffanyRotheWorkouts says:

@huh m: From some reason there’s no Reply option under your question, so
I’ll answer it here, hope you’ll find it.
Q. Am I doing this wrong or is this doing nothing except hurting my neck??
heard good reviews about so I don’t know??
A. You need to keep your shoulders relaxed. Try doing it in the mirror and
make sure you are not hunching up your shoulders.

Roxana Adyi says:
AmaraFyne Du says:

Wow ! What a workout !! Thanks Kelly <3 

newnimprovesT3 says:

About to do this right now

MrsLegalDiva says:

YAY4me! I wasn’t going to work out today…thanks for this video. You saved
me from being a couch bum!

yungmula35 says:

This workout is brutal for a beginner!

grammar nazi says:

Thanks! Awesome. And thanks for admitting you are exhausted! Makes us feel

MusingsofaJay says:

I finally got around to doing one of these work outs. I fixed the whole
asian cant wear shoes indoors problem…. I just work out in the shoe room
LOL but yes it made me sweat a lot and it’s better than running in the fog
in San Francisco. Thank you guys! I admit I had to pause on the fourth rep
sometimes because my muscles were going to give out but kept pushing!

Stella Lum says:

Never has it been this hard to breathe after a workout oh fuck, don’t smoke
before a workout holy balls.

Itiel McVay says:

Sharing for anyone looking to add a HIIT workout. One of my weekly favs. 

Christy Marshall says:

getting ready to do this workout in a min

AnnK H says:

One of my favourite hiit workouts by the two of you!! I get so sweaty, like
I want it to be in a good workout! I like to count my reps during the 20sec
intervals and try to beat my own “records” in each repetition. I did 7
burpee+kicks in 20 sec, can’t beat it! Who did more? :-)

Sleepo Rogue says:

How long will it take to see results? and can u tell me if im fat or not im
5’7 and 128 pounds

FitnessBlender says:
skinnypigs1 says:

Great workout! I find lunges always hurt my knees no matter how hard I try
to do proper form. I try to do them slowly to get them right and I still
end up with sore knees. Squats don’t hurt my knees at all though. Even if
you do lunges correctly, is it still possible to always have sore knees or
am I still doing something wrong?

Sara Murphy says:

Wow, this is harder than it looks but It’s a great workout. does anyone
know how quickly this will tone and get rid of a little extra fat if I do
this consistently 4 times a week ? 

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