Fat Loss Factor Review – Dr. Charles Livingston’s Breakthrough Weight Loss Program

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(PRWEB) November 27, 2012

Dr. Charles Livingston displays his mastery a pivotal ingredient as centerpiece for his weight loss system, and he wants you to learn how to use it. His focus is on permanent fat loss, and his program, the Fat Loss Factor, is effectively packaged as a roadmap for natural detox, ongoing nutritional guidelines, and relevant weight loss exercises.

Dr. Charles is a board certified chiropractor, a certified wellness practitioner, certified advanced nutritionist, speaker, and author, among other things.

Per Livingston, the job of the liver is to break down toxic substances, including cholesterol (ie, fat). “If the liver doesnt regulate cholesterol breakdown, fat can accumulate. If you clog up your liver with junk, it will be difficult to lose weight. So the idea is to get your liver healthy before starting a weight loss program” such is the primary value and basis for the Fat Loss Factor program.

The online product is downloadable for $ 47 and is chock full of goodies, like the recipe book, 15-minute workout programs, dietary guidelines, grocery shopping tutorials, goal and guideline diary, and other relevant inclusions. Confident of the value of Fat Loss Factor to his clients, Livingston guarantees the program with full refund within the first 8 weeks.

Click here for the Fat Loss Factor website or HERE to read the full review.

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