Feel Good Stretching Routine – Fitness Blender’s Relaxing Cool Down Stretch Workout

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Cinthya Fenske-Arrieta says:

Recovery day, feeling amazing!

Marc Gervais says:

This stretching routine is fantastic at the end of a tough workout. I feel
so good after doing it!

yvonne713525 says:

Love love love fitness blenders…they have helped me in more ways than
one…thanks so very much

Lize S says:

Love this! I feel so good after doing it! 

tidaldive says:

So relaxing!! You guys are amazing! Thank you!

Vicky Willpowerfitness says:

Recovery day and I feel so good after that :*

Pretty Glow says:

You have to hold these stretches!…this is like a gentle workout!

Emily HoranStylesTommoMalikPayne says:

This is great after running 100 miles!!!! feeling good!!!

Sandeep Pangotra says:

i love u fitness blender..amazing workouts

Jean-François Tremblay says:

she should not be collapsing in her shoulders in the cobra and also her
elbows are hyper-extended which is bad for the joints when there’s weight
on it.

Titanum Raids says:

Do not know how I got here, But I am satisfied… 

Twili Vaati says:

Those of you immature idiots saying “she wants the d” kindly shut the fuck
up and get a life

Michelle Wright says:

Haven’t stretched in a long time. This is just the right length for my
weekday morning and contains stretches I haven’t done before. Thanks for
posting it!

Tatiyana Pits says:

feeling great after this stretch just what I needed!

Susan Stoddard says:

how many calories are burned doing this? If any?

sagar thakor says:

Dear denial & Kelly, I just love your work!

TheMacky1992 says:

Nice after a killer HIIT ♥

Keisha D says:

Can i do this after working out at the gym?

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