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Cardiovascular exercise is just another word for getting the heart going through activity. Running, competing in sports, using the stationary or even mobile bicycling just rock. Increasing the heart rate through exercise is the single healthiest thing a person can do. Sustaining it at the same level increases the strength of the heart.

The simple fact is, the heart is responsive to this. It gains strength and allows – even more importantly – blood to flow at a good rate. Increased blood flow means more oxygen to the body’s hungry organs and muscles. This in turn makes one stronger and insures a longer and healthier life. There is another benefit which probably looms over them all. Cardiovascular exercise burns fat at a rate nothing else can. In terms of the tools available for losing excess poundage, this is the king. And not only does it reduce fat, it simply enlivens our bodies anyway.

So what methods do we choose for such a life-enhancing thing? How many ways are there and from what list do I choose my own best regimen? Obviously, people are different. For many, competing in sports is a great method. It also engages in the competitive instincts many people have. Basketball, tennis, soccer – the list is long. These sports combine the joy of competing with the benefit of conditioning. Sports with substantially less aerobic expenditure are games like ping pong, bowling, even slow-pitch softball. Nevertheless, they do border on the edge of cardio vascular effort and they all do have their moments. Indeed, if nothing else, these sports certainly tone muscles and reflexes in their own ways.

Running and bicycling seem to be two of the most common regimes for cardio vascular workouts. Naturally, running also contains the virtue of being absolutely free of charge. It can also take place pretty much anywhere and at any time. Biking is another enterprise with many upsides, including leg work and toning those muscles. I should also mention that hiking is a superb source of cardio vascular work. Hiking also brings the additional benefit of choosing the environment. There are many wonderful places to hike with friends or even alone. Like running, you just can’t beat the price!

These days workout facilities abound which are far more cardio-centered concerning workouts. Step programs, jazzercize, dancercize are splendid ways to advance cardio strength. Most facilities even provide coaches who can fit a regimen with your body type and history. Good cardio coaches will understand the state of development from the user end and prescribe appropriate programs. It’s what they specialize in.

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