Fit Factor Kids Excercize

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jensawesome says:

this video mucho help! thanks so much for your dedication!

dearsuman1 says:

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shed fat so easily with Stupid Simple Slimming (search for it on google).

Edith Yan says:

What’s the animal name next to Alligator??

Mindfulwalking says:

Loved it! Thanks.

Govindarajan R says:

its really very superb

Nadia Schanze says:


trev quash says:

check the cutee in orange… cofused!!!!!

loay elshaer says:

great job

Faroong kraisornlak says:

wow….amazing …thank you

Laxmi8427 says:

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Yuvi Story Aerobics says:

This is good.

Kenya Rena says:

good for little kids :D

ImGood Enuf says:

ok, my son loves this video but it’s not clear and good quality, please
upload a better quality video because he keeps asking for it to do it and
then the video gives eye strain on a TV screen. Maybe it’s better on
smaller screens, wait no it’s still blurry. Needs better video quality.

Carl Little says:


Raiza Bettis says:

Love this! thank you, I will use it!

Nicole Francis says:

you did the horse wrong

Nicole Francis says:

on the frog you have to stick your tongue and jump

Sinead Smith says:

My daughter love it but we can’t hear and no subtitles. Can you tell me
what animal each exercise.

irma paulin says:

My lil bro loved this

dijone stokes says:

that was.good this chasity stokes

ocean mango says:

your a b***h my sun said hed rather watch the hunger games then this, Peace

Barbara Flores says:

Lovely exercise for Kids :)

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