Fitness: Arm Exercises for Women

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Be a Fan on Facebook: if you like this workout featuring my favorite arm exercises routine! Also visit for a library of my other videos, categorized by body part and everything. I don’t usually wear this to the gym EVER but I shot this during a photoshoot at a gym in Boston at like 9 pm on a Friday night. I also had birthday cake like every night before this shoot so please forgive my bday 5 lbs ­čÖé


tmhanksfan4ever says:

I am bound and determined to end up getting´╗┐ arms like these in the next four months!

SuperInsideBeauty says:

empty´╗┐ gym.

SarahsFabChannel says:

the gym was actually closed. I´╗┐ was there shooting some photos after hours and filmed this really wuick.

SuperInsideBeauty says:

Oh that would make sense! Can you do some more healthy-food videos? I´╗┐ really enjoy your recipes! xoxo

AllGoodThingsComeIn3 says:

This info is great,´╗┐ thanks!

YorkGod1 says:

she can go´╗┐ up and down on me all day!

unknown9857 says:

you don’t know what´╗┐ your talking about WARNING VIEWERS: don’t listen to everybody with a hot body

BrittanylovesDasiy says:

i have´╗┐ like NO upper body strength O’:

iLove69ingChipmonks says:

Hey guys, within a few days, I’ll post a video with effective workouts. Imma girl and my´╗┐ body is nicer than hers…subscribeee

kometeusz says:

/watch?v=zuATCUxm1m0& workout program with free´╗┐ book

YACHiiE says:

when i did tricep dips,the next day ma shoulder was paining like anything.its was not muscle pain was´╗┐ kinda joint pain…what might have gone wrong???

cindymindy07 says:

DEFINITELY can´╗┐ feel the workout, thanks!

shadowmyworkout says:

Hey thanks so much for your Workout. Check out my wife’s and mine workouts, too. Probably there is some stuff you might be interested in. Have a´╗┐ great day!

kristancrawford says:

Awesome! Thank you Sarah! Finally a girl who does push ups RIGHT! None of this “going down half-way”´╗┐ junk. I’m guilty of the “half push-up” before I knew how to do them properly. Great channel and vid!

styleishness says:

i have a challenge with my´╗┐ friends to do 30 push ups till summer, but i cannot do any of these. any tips?

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