Fitness Ball Exercise – It Works

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For anyone looking to lose weight or just get that bit healthier, a fitness ball exercise regime can be one of the quickest, lowest-impact ways to achieve the outcome you desire.  As an add-on to other exercise equipment or as the sole component of your fitness plan, a gym ball can provide you with a challenging variety of exercises to help get you into shape in no time.  So what exercises should you be looking to include in your fitness ball exercise regime, and how can you be sure you’re using your exercise ball to its fullest?

The Knee Bridge

The knee bridge is one of the most effective exercises for toning the buttocks and hamstrings, and is an essential element of a fitness ball exercise regime.  With your back flat on the floor and the gym ball at your feet, elevate your legs such that your knees are at right angles, on the top of your ball.  Push your hips upwards off the floor and hold that position, before releasing and returning to your starting point.

The Wall Squat

Another important exercise you should look to include in your gym ball exercise workout is the wall squat.  Basically, this involves adopting a standing and sitting position, with the exercise ball wedged between a wall and your back.  Ideal for the quadriceps, you should allow the ball to roll up the wall, and adopt a sitting position as low as possible to the ground for maximum effect.

There are loads of different exercises that can be performed on a gym ball, and your fitness ball exercise regime can never be at its optimum effectiveness unless you take time to investigate the variety of exercises out there.  For more information on how to maximize the use of your fitness ball, consult a personal trainer or fitness specialist.

Did you know that even professional fitness trainers use the fitness ball in their workouts? See for yourself how a famous fitness trainer recommends to do ball ab exercises.


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