Fitness Blender Hourglass Figure Workout – Exercises to get Curves

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Niebo Pandeh says:

how many times must u do this a week?

Bloobewwiez says:

Hi 🙂 I am very thin and have been thin all my life. My body type is a
ruler and I was hoping to become a bit smaller in the waist, for a more
shapely look. Will this work even if you have no fat to burn? Thanx

Ps I want a smaller waist by September 2014.. and I started on December
10th 2013. Will I be able to achieve that goal?

LadyDarc23 says:

I have hourglass shape and I have good waist, (25inches) but I want more,
did it work for me? if I do it 2x per week? I must do it more? in other
days i do other exercises

Jani Corona says:

Effective #BodyShaping exercises that will help you make the most out of

Amber Johnson says:

Will this also benefits if i wear a girdle corset?

amanda cross says:
HayItzNisa says:

Did this work for any body???

Erin Moore says:

Your videos have really have so many benefits! I ran for the bus yesterday
and didn’t even huff and puff! I give all credit to you because I have done
these videos six days a week for two months now and not only am I seeing
results physically but healthwise as well. Thank you so much for spreading
wellness to the world for free! It’s amazing!

Ange M. says:

really good :)

Zoha Malik says:

Will i get the perfect curves within a year? 

farrahintajak says:


whatthewhat says:

Kelli and Daniel, I know this video is old and I’m not sure if you’ll even
see this comment. I have one question that’s bothering me about doing ab
work. I read conflicting things online about working on your obliques. Some
say it’ll give you a curvy waist, while others say working on your obliques
will lead you to build more muscle there and hence you’ll end up with a
boxy waist. Can you guys tell me which one is true? And what exercises to
avoid if I don’t want a boxy waist?

p.s Kelli has the perfect waist shape though. So I’m guessing this works to
give you a curvy waist. Still would love to hear about why we don’t put on
muscle by working the obliques though!

hottgrannynj says:

Luv this workout!

alejandra1223344 says:

Really good workout. 🙂 will use them with my exercises. 

Kayla Wallace says:

You guys are the best!!! Fitness Blender is my go to workout routines at
home and in the gym! :))) Thank you! My favs: This one of course- Hour
Glass workout, Tank Top Arms, 5 Minute Bigger Butt, 10 minutes Ab workout,
& toned and curvy body!

Radiant Forever says:

Love this!! Just one question: How is her hair so perfect throughout this
whole workout?! :)

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