Fitness – Laura London’s 15 Min Lower Body Cardio Workout

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Fitness - Laura London's 15 Min Lower Body Cardio Workout GET YOUR GYM BOSS TIMER Laura London’s 15 minute 2 circuit…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


janthologies says:

Thank you for the awesomely effective workouts! I’m petite with a heart
issue, and your combinations give me just enough cardio to pump me up
without tiring me out too much. It’s actually fun & strangely addictive!
Thanks again & more power to you!

Bertoli says:

that was a freaking amazing count of thirty seconds!

aaronterlinden1 says:

U r so hot

lagatuda says:

Those ABS….

Be1eza says:

Lethal Laura London, kickin your own trash! Love it!

mad ida says:

Hi! I like you so much … you know precisely what’s missing in your videos
to be perfect? the SWEAT 😉

Laura London Fitness says:

Similar but different 🙂

cecilia gouveia says:

this is one of my fav workouts!!you are the best find for me in 2012!! im
on my way!!xxooo

Miranda Fulmer says:

awesome video! i’ve done all three sets of each one of your videos, and let
me tell you, its not easy at all lol. im going to continue to do them until
I lose my spare tire, thanks for making these videos, your a great
inspiration! 🙂

pedroSilesia says:

Hi Laura I’m sure that you need masseur. I’m the best on the planet! Let me
know 🙂

madiima says:

I love your wear, you look sexy mmm…thanks!

alexandratej says:

this kills me everytime, I love it anyway! 🙂

RhyanaBodyrocker says:

First of all this goes straight to my favorites!!! Second i’m going to try
ths workout for sure, it’s great ! Third i love your pigtails 🙂 You look
so cute and strobg/sexy at the same time 🙂 Also I looooove your crop
pants!!!! What brand are they, i want them too! Fits great on your body wow
! And finallyyy we have the same shoes! (and i’m glad for that lol) Thank
you Lauren!!! You are one the best! <3

mark Provenzano says:

are few women in the world with a body like laura! of 46 years old!

cecilia gouveia says:

fabulous workout do complete 2 circuits twice and combine it with her
fusion fatburining cardio one its amazing you will sweat and i love it!!
thank you laura!!!!!! off to the shower i go….lol

cecilia gouveia says:

combine it with laura london’s strength and fusion cardio fat blasting

Ameenah Jaulim says:

Hi Laura! I tried the push up on my feet today. I”ve done 10,but i can’t go
down completely. Is that a problem or it will come with some more practice?

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