Fruta Planta Weight Loss (Diet) Pills – REVIEW

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This is the first of many videos that will chronicle my journey while taking the Fruta Planta weight loss diet pill. I got my Fruta Planta from MY NIC NAXS. …
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Omarfaruq Rahat says:

If you have been trying to burn fat fast, you should look up on google
Cosmos Fat Loss. That can help you get the body you deserve.

Terika Brown says:


axel oliva says:

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Reisinger85 says:

hey, your comments are disabled on your latest video about fruit planta,
how much weight have you lost now?

Jessica Martin says:

Nice song in the background. Is that your recording? It’s a true weight
loss anthem! 🙂

Christine Merheb says:

can you please tell me the website you brought it ? thank you

Ophelia Gary says:

Thanks 4 honest review

iLoveMsSugar says:

Hello there! The website where I got mine from is wwwDOTmynicnaxsDOTcom. I
highly recommend them!

Terrance Crews says:

Hot mama! MARRY ME?

iLoveMsSugar says:

I apologize for that. Hopefully you were still able to get the important
points. Be blessed!

panmus2013 says:

Are u still using fruta plants, if not how many more pounds did u lose?

Connie Williams says:

nice :)

Mary Baffer says:

Be very careful when taking Fruta Planta! Most Chinese “herbal” or
“natural” slimming pills contain unlisted quantities of sibutramine.

You are playing with your life by taking this. Sibutramine is a banned
substance in the West as it can cause death. It is also related to a high
incidence of heart attacks and impotency in men.

Fasha O says:

Hello! I’ve used this product before, and yes! it works!!!!!! And you
bought the wrong one, but if it works for you! Go Girl!!!!! :-D

Patexiss says:

save this

zary zia says:

can teens use it iLoveMsSugar

Pauline Diaz says:

*~* Cool *…* video music. *-*

I take my fruit regimen at least 30 minutes before my main meals. It’s an
all-natural appetite control supplement.

my Nic Naxs says:

ms sugar-a radio host losing weight on fruta

Javie Van says:

What website did you use?

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