Full Body EMOM Workout | Home Body: Kym Nonstop’s 8-Week At Home Fitness Plan

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It’s time for a full-body at home training day! But, instead of plyometrics, you’re going to stay in one spot through 4 full rounds of exercises to build your endurance and your strength.
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After warming up, you’ll start the workout with alternating lunges, then burn out your quads with air squats, before shifting focus to the backside with rear-foot-elevated split squats. Finish with squat jumps, side lunges, and kick-backs, and then you’re ready to repeat. This is an EMOM workout, so stay true to that timer and start each exercise at the top of every minute!

| Full-Body EMOM Workout |
Warm-up Circuit: 1 round
1. Air Squat: 30 sec.
2. Hi-Low: 30 sec.
3. Right Leg Swing:
4. Left Leg Swing:
5. Jumping Jack:
6. Bird-Dog Plank:
7. Butt Kickers:
8. Walking Frankenstein:
9. Pigeon Stretch:

EMOM Circuit: Perform all movements at the top of each minute for 10 min., then rest for the remainder of each min.
1. Prison Sit-Up: 5 reps
2. Alternating Dumbbell Plank Row: 10 reps
3. Burpee: 3 reps

EMOM Circuit: Perform all movements at the top of each minute for 10 min., then rest for the remainder of each min.
1. Dive-Bomber: 3 reps
2. Superman Plank: 5 reps
3. Squat Jump: 3 reps

Home Body: Kym Nonstop’s 8-Week At Home Fitness Plan
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