Full Body Workout: Kettle Bell Exercise Routine, Tone at Home Cardio Fitness Training, Burn Fat FAST

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Friend us @ https://www.facebook.com/psychetruthvideos Full Body Workout: Kettle Bell Exercise Routine, Tone at Home Cardio Fitness Training, Burn Fat FAST h…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is a 10 minute segment of clip that I shoot on the spot without any preplanning. A friend ask me to watch his son and I took him to the studio to watch …
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Noha Mykadi says:

its lovely

megaknight949 says:

Thanks very much

PetioBogdanov says:

It’s amazing! 🙂 Would you like to tell me what the name of the song is? 🙂

girlybabez101 says:

@givinghimpraise thanks:))))

Muireann O Callaghan says:

ya im 9 and i need abs for hip hop compotitions. P.S.im not fat and CAN do
push ups

Christina Chapan says:

Thanks Paul for this. I plan on using this in my classroom.

PrincessCupcake88 says:

good job!

Traci Love says:

I LOVE IT THANK YOU!!! I lost weight

topbossrenee says:

he didnt do good atleast he tryedd

Bona Kim says:

This is a great workout and thx so much!! i think my buns could turn into a
steel!! (not really) BTW Jeremy is a failure and he didn’t do it perfect
and he is not awesome it self…

EpicDonkah50 says:

Thanks!!! This is REALLY Is Keeping me, in shape! 😀 Thank you so much!!!

IIarcon2II says:

I’m a photographer and this would be great to take some action shots of!

tony nguyen says:

Hope fat people lose weight no offense

tj5932 says:

this thanks is from my little sis she is 7

Edwin Negapatan says:

good exercise love it

CaroJesusFreak says:

awesome LOL

SuperUltraMegaBOOM says:

@muzik400 just do regular sit uos and pussh ups, I’m 11 too and it works
for people our age

Matthew Karpinski says:

I teach at an online school in Ohio and I am going to show this routine to
my 2nd and 5th graders in my PE class.

Dir3ctioner says:

This was so awesome!!!!

Mariatu Korma says:

uumm this is nice…

O'Neil Godfrey says:

*Kids Workout with Paul Eugene*

O'Neil Godfrey says:

*Kids Workout with Paul Eugene*

hope alac layton says:

i am 9 and i need to lose weight

ElektroGames says:

😀 absolutely LOVE that kids shirt, my channel pic!

David Sweeney says:

I tried this this morning using my little weights, I think I over did it,
feel really tired now and ready for bed 😉 PS Thanks Dena will do it again
tomorrow until I get fitter !

Nandkisor yadav says:

Hi there, have you heard about Madax Fat Blast? (look it up on google) You
will learn how to lose weight fast.

Alaa ElSharif says:

Great video Dina. I have a question: can these exercises be performed using
dumbells? And what would be a good weight? Thanks in advance and good luck
with all that you do.

Igor Ovsyanka says:

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Dena Maddie says:

Yes, I would say weight depends on your strength. There is less stability
with the dumbells so don’t go too heavy, because some of the exercises are
performed with the weight overhead. Anywhere from 5-35 lbs. If form drops
or exercises are not performed with control, drop to a lower weight.

ridg3line says:

Whenever I see Dena, I say that I believe in marriage..

Andriy Salnik says:

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Nick Nicolae says:

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Benita rai says:

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chandi perera says:

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lakmali max says:

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Siva ji says:

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Ucj Krishnan says:

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Yoga Pepper says:

Hi Dena. This is a 8 minute routine. It’s kinda short. Do you advise to do
it 2 to 3 times? Or you think once through is enough? Thank you for your
video. And thanks for the milk carton tip.

Robert Taylor says:

thanks for that,ive done your program 4 times now and gone from a really
sore back to almost pain free!

Blessed says:

Wow, this is exactly what I have been looking for. Very doable exercises.

evan kediri says:

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jenny kaite says:

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Levi Hannah says:

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