Fun Dance Exercises For Kids and Kids Fitness Workout on Video

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Close kids will have a great time dancing with danceX 4 kids A fun exercise dance video for kids who want to have fun…

Thumbs up if you love Summer!!! How to make the DIY “Twist Back” workout tops! ~Don’t give up. God will give you …


Natália Oliveira says:

Does she live alone ???

onyi anyanwu says:

when the sun shines on the beach floor
the sand goes a gold bronze glossy colour which is really cool

Myah McMaster says:


keybladesarah says:

To everyone commenting on her thigh gap: She has a natural thigh gap and
doesn’t have to stick her butt out to show it. She was simply modeling her
bathing suit for the video in a cutesy fun way. I have a similar body to
her and I have a thigh gap whether I’m doing that or not. Why do you guys
have to look so much into it?

Not to mention, Meredith is a person. She seems to be pretty confident in
herself, but if she has a low self-esteem that you don’t know about your
comment could send her over the edge and make her want to stop eating or

The comment section should be nothing but positivity because Meredith never
provides anything negative.

xeno zenn says:

is she mixed? i sense some asian admixture in her. she looks a little
resemble bjork

Jasmine Moreno says:

My favorite thing to do in summer is going swimming! ♥

blogilates says:

Meredith, it was so fun working out with you! Your form was perfect!

Eun Le says:

I am so glad this video is here! I can now do a workout routine. Its so
simple and awesome! 

Gabi Graceffa says:

I will work on this all day tomorrow idk if its for bikini body

Marissa Dulce says:

yes, if you guys actually paid attention to mere, she says she was inspired
by bethany when she was younger, and she looked up to her, so she made a
similar age. so yes, thats the reason why they have similar names. they are
two completely different, amazing youtubers. nobody is “copying” anyone.
you’re acting like people can’t do the same types of videos. have you been
on youtube? a lot, of girls make videos similar to bethany and mere. if you
just came on her channel to say she’s copying beth, than just leave. you’re
rude comments are irrelevant. 

remi xwiebeefenck says:

You try to speak like Bethany. 

selena says:

Can everyone shut up about Bethany Mota?? This is Meredith Foster’s channel
not Bethany Mota’s. Yes they are similar but Bethany is totally irrelevant
in this channel. Ive actually tried to watch one of Bethany’s videos and I
couldnt, I almost choked then clicked on Mere’s videos as fast as I could.
So quit saying shes copying pls thx

Linda Abed says:

what country does mere live in??

shannoneliza11 says:


Edgar Vega says:

OMG this is fun added to favs!

forrest pump says:

what language is the black guy speaking?… would be better in english

xoxhappyfacexox says:

LMAO !!!!!!!!

TheThegame234 says:

wank pedo

forrest pump says:

@AieshaBurge @AieshaBurge you think im racist because i don’t understand
what he is saying…you fool, you probably think im racist too because i
think your comment makes no sense, you fucken moron

ashley28dhatz says:

i liked it!!thanks…

Sara Raiyah says:

thanks for the video

juhvadd says:

Thnx for puttinf this up here ’cause i just found out that there are
problems with my heart and that im overweight

letzgetsparkly says:

“Ya’ll got thattttt?” ahahahaha i love this.

elsa afework says:

i enjoyed the lightbulb aswell~ =D

sara020697 says:

The instructor is waaay to enthusiastic. xD


welll…….i like singing…… of shy of danceing
in public even my nana.

fightersgirl1 says:

Very up lifting kept my kids entertained

23Monisha says:


mhd is the best says:


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