Garden Vegetable Soup – A Fast, Healthy and Delicious Raw Food Recipe

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Garden Vegetable Soup - A Fast, Healthy and Delicious Raw Food Recipe

Visit to see more raw food recipes. Raw food author and chef Jennifer Cornbleet shares how to prepare garden vegetable soup, especially good for lunch. From her DVD, Raw Food Made Easy. In this video, Jennifer Cornbleet shows how to use your knife and blender to create…

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gg010170 says:

I tried this… It was delicious! This video has motivated me to really change my diet. It think i can do this ; ) The Cayenne pepper really pulls it together for me. Thank you for your videos. I definitely know what book to get my family and friends. Cheers! “Not Tuna Patte” is next for me.

gg010170 says:

Awh! I never noticed that at all. Oh well, we all see what we see. I am making her garden vegetable soup tonight. Much obliged. I see a job well done.

aishahkearns79 says:

wow that looks yummy!!!

socialmedic says:

Doesn’t the heat of the blending blade destroy the enzymes?

perpexel says:

isnt it basically a vegetable smoothie?

OnlyYahuwah says:

Wow. I am loving this book. Please keep up the good job. Thank u again.

ghostaliaz says:

I bought the book & DVD. Really wonderful book & DVD to start into raw foods. I love this lady’s easy recipes. She’s one of the best in raw food.

Carol Flaherty says:

Let’s all write to Food Channel with requests for a Raw Food Preparer.

Address is:
Food Network
75 9th Ave
New York, NY 10011


a lot of them are destroyed yes but it is not toxic unlike cooked vegetables that leave resins in you and acidify your blood.  Heating it to 105 may also kill some enzymes but it will be yummier and still non toxic. It is not a meal replacement.

heyushutup says:

i want to try but i always have a question for raw food eaters…since everything is eating it safe to eat nonorganic food since they have pesticides…i cant afford organic…

Adonis Jerome Ay-ad says:

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claudia launer says:

why you have big stove behind you ? We cannot afford organics .. so raw is not ideal diet .

Maddie Murphy says:

Green Onion?, Spring Onion.

TheRosaher says:

U are soo creative

Miracle736 says:

eating raw food is the same cost as buying a healthy cooked food diet. You don’t have to buy organic zucchini if you can peel the the skin off. You dont’ have to buy all organic foods you can peel the skin off. Also, grow tomatoes in your garden and try growing your own food to cut the costs. You can buy a juicer and buy a huge ten pound bag of organic carrots for 15 bucks. I don’t buy meat anymore so all my food is raw vegetables. I pay about 90 bucks a week for my raw food diet.

Miracle736 says:

When I was buying cooked food, I was spending more money eating out because i’d get bored with my diet at home. With the raw food diet, I never eat out because i’m never getting food cravings. I’m actually saving money. sometimes I just eat two apples and a banana for a meal. sometimes I make a huge bottle of veggie juice and drink that for half a day. Don’t buy any leafy vegetable that isn’t organic or veg where you can’t take the skin off. It is about limiting pesticide intake.

Tracy Palino says:

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