HCG Diet Plan | FDA WARNING-HCG Diet Plan Causes Heart Arythmia,Gallstones | Natural HCG alternative

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


xia0pr0ice says:

Hi Brandon. I really like your tips and recipe for Bodybuilding but I find
it kinda hard to hear the temperature that you preheat & cook it.
I would really appreciate if you could write out the recipe and temperature
as well as the duration in the description to help me and other people with
doubt about the recipe. Thanks :].

ariel santos says:

brandon,, your take on keto genic diet please,,, whats your take pal?

Tobias Mitchell says:
Pulverized says:

Hahahhahh ahhh man i made the mistake to heat some egg whites in my
microwave too lol

UsedCondomCollector says:

Damn dude you got a large melon. Its good that you shave your head.

Ali Khorasany says:

LOL – I swear some people in east Asia eat them shells!

Kevin Delacruz says:

Can I eat any bacon?

Luke Bonner says:

You sound like you have a 5th grade education. Read some fucking books.

MissWooHoo11 - BSL for American Pit Bull Terriers! says:

By the end of the video I didn’t realise i had no idea what he’d just
cooked cause i was too busy looking at his biceps.

Carmen Luisa says:

Hi Brandon, love your videos, question…I am trying to lose weight, should
I eat fruits?

King Robert says:

Wow, I want to try this

MegaSpeedy67 says:

is that a nike fuelband on his right arm?

Ghaz Zafar says:

eggs are low in carbs, but then high in fat… and barely any protein, cud
i use ham, or normal turkey breast?

Molly A. Block says:

Hi! Loved your video! I am on a low carb diet, down 48lbs in 8 months.
I’m curious to know-why did you choose turkey bacon over regular bacon? I
LIKE turkey bacon, but I like pork bacon more! I have made something very
similar to these bacon/egg/cheese/spinach muffins myself. I add a little
bit of heavy cream to mine, and some parm cheese too. Sometimes a very
very small amount of chopped onion–or bell peppers, but those might have a
little bit of sugar in them. Parsley is good too. This muffin recipe is
so versatile, you can add just about anything to them. Just wondering why
you chose the turkey bacon. :)

love you says:

bro I can out with that sh$t

Layla Shackell says:

Everyone is able to increase at least 10 lbs muscles in 8 weeks and get

Shan Man says:

Hey bro, I heard that egg is so high in cholesterol, eating more than 1 egg
a day contributes to heart disease. What’s your take on it? Because I like
eggs and it’s rich in protein.

Kristy Stone says:

I’ll take like, 2 of those. Ha ha. I just started a low carb diet. I’m down
4 lbs so far. Mostly water weight because I’m only in my first week. But no

Imhim247 says:

low fat yogurt good for muscle?

Moises Medina says:

If its low carb how are we going to get energy

Kevin Macasarte says:

That cat of yours loves to get a healthy nutrition to . Thanks 4 the video .
Subscribe .

Jason Shields says:

New subscriber Brandon! Love the recipe and you look fantastic! 

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