hCG Treatments / Diet Doc Announces Increased Effectiveness in their Newly Modified Medically-Supervised hCG Weight Loss Program

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 13, 2012

hCG Treatments / Diet Doc has updated their hCG weight loss diet plan to offer more options to their patients for a dramatic increase in the programs effectiveness. As the only medical hCG program in the U.S. to date, they personalize each plan to fit each persons’ needs. We treat people with a variety of health concerns and our goal is to provide them with as many diet and supplement options as they need which will give better results. Since the additions to our program, weve seen patients transition into changes easier and even lose weight faster, say Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc. New options include diet modifications for those with any health condition and supplements for those who want quicker results. And unlike the original hCG diet offered by most other companies, Diet Doc allows an unlimited amount of green leafy vegetables and allows dessert bars to satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

hCG Treatments / Diet Doc weight loss has been offering the only medically-supervised hCG weight loss program for almost a decade. The diet was only offered in European specialty health spas and clinics before it was finally introduced to the U.S. The FDA allows hCG programs that are prescribed by a doctor and Diet Doc is the only program to do so. Their specially-formulated hCG is considered high-dosage and use must be monitored by a doctor or certified nurse. In fact, not everyone is accepted as a patient and will need to complete health evaluation before the start of the program. If accepted, each patient is given a customized health plan written by a nutritionist and is monitored through the duration of the program by a weight loss coach. Every patient, however, has access to Diet Docs team of doctors, nurses and nutritionists anytime. The weight loss coach not only acts as a guide but also a liaison between the patient and doctor to communicate progress or any concerns they may have. Weve created a pretty efficient communication system between our team and our patients. We believe this is the key to the added success for both parties, says Julie Wright, CEO and founder for Diet Doc.

hCG Treatments / Diet Doc weight loss has recently released a new online health questionnaire that gives symptom-based results unique to each patient. The program is a tool used to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the major organ systems of the body. For example, a patient reported feeling moody, has headaches, is sensitive to cold and craves sweets; the program will diagnose those symptoms and report the cause and effect and even give suggestions on the supplements that will help the problem. Should the patient want to try the supplement, they will need to obtain a prescription from Diet Doc to fulfill the order. All supplements offered by them are prescription-based due to their potent nature. We work to give our patients the most effective service and products and will continue to stay ahead of competitors through research and trying innovative ideas, says Wright.

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