hCG Treatments / Diet Doc Reveals How Probiotics or a change in “Gut Flora” can Promote Better Weight Loss

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(PRWEB) August 09, 2012

It is becoming widely recognized that probiotics are necessary to maintain healthy intestinal and digestive function and can have an effect on weight gain or loss. They are seen all over the news, but what are they?

Essentially, probiotics are the happy bacteria that live in the GI tract and maintain the balance of bacterias and micro-organisms that keep the digestive system healthy.

“Additional gut flora modifications can also be an important part of a weight-loss plan. Simply eating yoghurt will not make any substantial difference in most people. Minimally washed organic plants and plant products, fermented foods and probiotic supplements are all good sources of beneficial bacteria.” -Natural News

Acidophilius/Bifidobacter are two common strains of probiotic that keep the flora and fauna of the GI in healthy equilibrium. These colonies of micro-organisms are actually using the GI as their host, feeding off the other bacteria living in the intestines. It just so happens however, that the host (human beings) benefit from this resident bacteria. Thus, a mutually beneficial relationship is established. Probiotics have a great variety of benefits and applications for health and weight loss.

In general, probiotics can help the body produce a natural antibiotic which destroys harmful micro-organisms, however, several probiotic strains in particular are used for the treatment of specific diseases or conditions. Saccharomyces boulardii is a probiotic that has been successfully used in the treatment of Chrone’s disease and also in AIDs support (to increase the overall immune response).

Probiotics are not only helpful to the GI tract but really can be quite helpful in increasing overall health and weight loss. For those interested in trying probiotics, most nutritionists recommend that Acidophilius/Bifidobacter be taken as a good general and multi-purpose probiotic supplement.

Thats why hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss has included an Acidophilius/Bifidobacter in their line of supplements now available.

A September 2011 study in the journal Science found that people who ate a diet high in fats and animal proteins had a different assortment of bacteria in their digestive tracts than people who ate a diet with more plant-based foods and higher carbohydrates.Identifying exactly what lives in our guts could point to dietary interventions that might lead to longer and healthier lives, authors of the new study stated.

Obese and lean individuals have different gut flora composition…Even though diet will affect gut flora composition, most studies conclude that gut flora on it’s own has an effect on weight. Alteration of the gut microbiota can be an important part of a weight loss program. Several mechanisms have been proposed as to how gut flora regulates weight. Inflammation, energy from polysaccharides, insulin sensitivity and energy expenditure and storage are all affected by gut flora, as reported by Natural News.

How does this effect a weight loss diet program? Again, simply eating yoghurt won’t do it alone. A healthy diet with reduced consumption of sugar, processed carbohydrates, most vegetable oils, anti-nutrients, etc. will on it’s own promote weight loss and a healthier gut flora. “Additional gut flora modifications can also be an important part of a weight-loss plan, and adding a probiotic supplement to ones diet can make the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy gut,” explains Dr. Rao, hCG Treatments / Diet Doc Medical Director.


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