hCGTreatments Announces My Diet Doc Health Questionnaire and Prescription Grade Supplements to Help Dieters Lose Weight Fast Weight During The hCG Diet

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Little Rock, AR (PRWEB) August 16, 2012

hCGTreatments is / Diet Doc announces a new subjective, health evaluation service along with prescription grade supplements to help with weight loss in dieters who add essential supplements during the hCG diet.

Diet Doc just announced the considerable success many of their patients have seen since the launch of their exclusive “My Diet Doc Health Questionnaire” offering a comprehensive subjective health evaluation and prescription line of weight loss supplements. Used in conjunction with their personalized hCG weight loss program, the patients that opt to use the suggested supplements reportedly had a surge of energy and also saw weight loss results sooner than those who did not use the supplements.

hCGTreatments / Diet Docs new line of prescription-grade supplements have a health conditional range from gastric function to hormonal balance to detoxification totaling over 30 types of supplements. They also offer weight loss supplements that include appetite suppressants, fat burner tablets and raspberry ketone diet pills. Most of their supplements target specific functions of body which all play a role in weight loss.

With so many options to choose from, Diet Doc has created a comprehensive health questionnaire “My Diet Doc Health Questionnaire” to help narrow down the options and given to their patients as an added incentive. The questionnaire asks a number of specific questions that are tied to the bodys major organ systems. Results include strengths and weaknesses of the body which make up ones overall health and the supplements that will work best for the patient in order to reach optimal health. According to Julie Wright, founder and CEO of Diet Doc, we created the program to give our patients some insight into the functioning of their organs that contribute to their weight gain and/or loss. And since the release of this program, weve seen faster weight loss results in patients that give our supplements a try.

Diet Docs line of chosen supplements work best in conjunction with their hCG weight loss program. The program, which uses daily treatments of the hormone hCG for up to six weeks, follows a modified ketogenic diet. The diet includes high-fat, lean protein and low carbohydrates with a few restrictions but most notably allows well over the dangerously low 500 calorie a day restriction that all other programs follow. This is what sets their hCG weight loss program apart from the rest, aside from the fact that it is also medically-supervised and completely customized as well.

Diet Doc’s weight loss program can stand alone based on their success rate before the release of the line of supplements, however, their reports show the added effectiveness that their supplements give their patients. We are pleased to see our patients even giving the supplements a try but are ecstatic to see the phenomenal results they provide, says Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc. We were confidant that our supplements would be effective in optimizing organ function and would improve weight loss results and we hope to explore new possibilities that tie in hormonal balance and weight loss.


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