hCGTreatments Announces the Creation of a Doctor-Designed Diet Capable of Shaving up to 30 Pounds Per Month Without Hunger or Fatigue with Their Clinically Superior Diet

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New York, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2012

hCGTreatments announces a superior doctor-designed diet that works on many body systems and anticipates the bodys reaction to dieting in general. hCGTreatments incorporates the best diet plans that are clinically superior into a master diet plan that is doctor supervised and personalized for each dieter based on the health history, age, gender and lifestyle of each person. By personalizing a diet for every person, dieters can expect to lose up to 30 pounds without hunger or fatigue.

hCGTreatments also known as Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss announces a doctor- designed hCG diet plan that incorporates the best aspects of clinically superior diets into a master diet plan capable of shaving up to 30 pounds per month safely, without hunger or fatigue.

hCGTreatments medical director, Dr. Rao studies the effects dieting has on the body and certain individuals and anticipates the bodys response in advance. Losing weight is not a one-size-fits all reports Dr. Rao. For example, the #1 reason people do not lose weight once on the Diet Doc hCG Diet Plan is a severe sensitivity to sugar, including one simple piece of fruit per day. This can stall or slow down weight loss by as much as 50% reports Dr. Rao. In addition, after 30 days of dieting, the body will slow down its metabolic response (thyroid). This goes back to the body fighting off losing weight. We specialize in people who have previously failed on other diets reports Dr. Rao.

Understanding the complexities of dieting in general is what Diet Doc specializes in reports Julie Wright, president of Diet Doc hCG Diet Plan. hCGTreatments has added components of the best diets, such as: Paleo diet, Atkins diet, Gluten Free diet, Dr. Oz diet, or the Digest Diet or any diets that support eating organic, healthy food. This can include the Watermelon diet, ayurvedic diet, 7 day diet and portions of the original hcg diet (except, Diet Doc does not support any type of crash diet or starvation diets) reports Wright.

When a crash diet is used, the body literally shuts down and will hold onto weight. Muscle will be eaten verses abnormal fat reports Wright. Crash diets can be harmful to the dieters health as the body tries to compensate for too little calories (or fuel and nutrition) and cardiac problems can arise as a result. Its absolutely important to seek the advice of a trained diet doctor and not just any doctor. Weight loss is not something doctors learn in depth within medical school reports Wright. To understand weight loss fully, it takes a doctor two years of specialized training reports Wright.

hCGTreatments offers each dieter a comprehensive workbook outlining their personalized diet plan, along with 2 doctor consultations, a nurse consult and nutritional consult to teach them how to do the doctor-designed diet all within the first 30 days reports Wright.

hCGTreatments also created unique diet foods and diet recipes all without anything artificial, created specifically for rapid weight loss reports Wright. The diet foods and diet recipes are delicious and were created by top weight loss chefs reports Wright.

An example of some of the diet foods recommended are, chicken gumbo, steak soup, and chili, hot & sour and Thai chicken along with unlimited (low glycemic) vegetables reports Wright.

Over 500 diet recipes are provided to dieters along with unlimited clinical and weight loss coach support during their diet journey reports Wright.

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