hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces New Nationally Heralded Prescription hCG Diet plans

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 30, 2013

Various wellness and weight loss experts recently weighed in on medically supervised hCG diet plans, deeming them highly effective when medically supervised. Diet Doc has been offering the most advanced hCG diet plans to patients nationwide for over a decade. The company focuses on highly supervised, medically monitored weight loss by way of proprietary diet supplements, weight loss pills, and of course, prescription hCG treatments which are individualized for each patient. Recently, wellness expert Erika Schwartz, M.D. has been quoted saying that “when [the hCG diet plan] is practiced under careful medical supervision, it helps people lose weight and keep the pounds off by serving as a sort of jumpstart to healthy eating.” Diet Doc not only changes immediate eating habits of clients with individualized diet plans, but also provides permanent, life-changing tendencies that every client can rely on for long term health and wellness. Many consumers are unaware that while women produce hCG naturally in the placenta during pregnancy, men do also. Dr. Schwartz revealed that “It actually operates on the central pituitary level and what it does is it actually focuses on getting rid of fat and keeping us tight so that the skin doesnt start falling and doesnt get really wrinkly as we lose weight, which is what happens with most diets.” The common rumors circulated by other weight loss providers, such as bariatric surgeons, blast the hCG protocol for being unnatural, yet as Dr. Schwartz reveals, hCG is natural in both men and women and can be used effectively in weight loss to target abnormal fat stores and help tighten the skin while shedding inches.

Not all hCG products are created equally. Although many hCG diet plans claim fast weight loss, not all provide the necessary medical support and monitoring needed to ensure safety and maximize effectiveness. Medical Director for Diet Doc, Dr. Nishant Rao claims that “the correct dose of hCG can only be obtained after exhaustive medical evaluation and clinical consultations as well as constant physician supervision. This level of attention is difficult to provide, but is paramount to ensure the dieters health and safety during weight loss. We focus heavily on balancing hormonal levels in the body.” Other weight loss clinics either lack the resources or simply chose not to provide the necessary level of patient support, resulting in hCG diet plans gaining negative attention. Only Diet Doc uses their proprietary clinical programs to provide the highest level of support and maximize patient health during fast weight loss. Diet Doc’s president, Julie Wright adds that “Diet Doc is the only modern-day version of the original 50 year old Dr. Simeons hCG protocol, the outdated version that most other doctors are using. The reason doctors are using a 50 year old hCG protocol, verses modernizing as we did a few years ago, is seemingly because weight loss doctors require additional training. Many doctors simply do not have time for this additional training, nor do they have time to manage each person’s weight loss the way it needs to be done to get the weight off people, fast and safe. This is where we lead the weight loss pack, as we train doctors across the USA on our hCG protocol, the only hCG diet plans that are Dr. Oz approved. Diet Doc does not support a 500 calorie per day diet. We have seen people lose hair, muscle (which leads to saggy skin), as well as experience extreme hunger and fatigue on these outdated, 500 calorie hCG diet plans.” Currently, Diet Doc utilizes their proprietarily designed hCG protocol that allows for up to 1250 calories daily, and provides the highest level of clinical support necessary to enact true weight loss.

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