hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Develops Industry Leading iPhone Apps for the Best Diet Management

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 10, 2013

In a comprehensive attempt to deliver their clinically superior hCG diet plan to interested customers, Diet Doc teamed up with iPhone apps maker Appolicious to create a one of a kind weight loss app for the Apple platform. With these iPhone apps, users can get diet advice, meal planning assistance, calorie counting, access a food database 5000+ large, and get helpful reminders throughout the day. While other diet providers dismissed the power of this new technology, Diet Doc instantly recognized the potential of having the power of a prescription hCG diet at the palm of users’ hands. President of Diet Doc, Julie Wright added that “We currently offer the most advanced medical weight loss in the nation. Our program includes unlimited support and consultation with top diet experts and coaches, proprietary prescription-only, all natural medication guaranteed to produce fast results, the most advanced nutrition and diet plans, and now new iPhone apps for the Apple store.” Diet Doc recently revamped their best apps to include a larger database of food information, more detailed meal planning and calorie tracking, and handy reminders alerting dieters of key dietary tasks throughout the day, like drinking more water or eating scheduled meals.

These iPhone apps allow users to closely monitor food consumption, lending essential accountability for choices made throughout the day. Users simply open the iPhone apps and access their meal plans, food consumed over the diet period, calories consumed, and a very important feature, when to drink water. Water consumption is extremely important during a low calorie diet plan, thus the Diet Doc Weight Loss iPhone apps remind dieters throughout the day to consume adequate water.

The Diet Doc App allows users to monitor their diet through all 4 phases, counting calories, proteins, and allowing users to monitor every nuance of their diet. These diet apps contain over 30 individual and unique features, including an extensive 5,000+ putting nutrition information at the hands of the user, daily meal planning and supplement tracking, calculating time remaining until the users goal weight is achieved, and many more intuitive weight management features.


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