Health Benefits of Organic Food (Organic Super Foods)

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Organically grown fruits and vegetables contain higher nutritional content than commercially farmed produce. Different studies have shown organic produce to have nutritional concentrations ranging from 30% more to 3 times as much as their commercially grown counterparts.

Organic produce have more nutrients because they are grown in good quality soil. Further, because the growth of conventional produce is usually artificially sped up using chemicals, they tend to contain more water and less actual solid food content.

Not only does organic produce have more vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients, it retains the nutrients for longer periods of time.

The truth is, many of today’s fruits and vegetables only have a fraction of the nutritional concentration they once had 50 or 100 years ago. This is due largely to the depletion in soil quality worldwide, caused mainly by modern conventional farming methods and other human activities.

Being more nutritious is one of the main health benefits of organic food, and by eating organically grown produce, we are at least maximizing our nutrient intake.

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